gas station story [blazed].

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    OK WELL.. i just got this goodie from memphis it was a new connection but i knew it was legit. now where i live anything medical or wonderful is pricey. 20 a gram but i can get a blunt. blueberry kush haha. i spent over 120$ on six blunts and i didint mind it at all. so of course on the way back to my small town we rolled it up and smoked it and i was blazed like i never have been before and i was running out of gas so i stoped at a gas station and walked in and asked her to put gas in my car and she looked at me laughed and the lady behind me said " damn boy you smell like some funky ass ganja" and we all started laughing up in there and i looked at her sort of embarrassed and she said " oh im sorry " and i said " i dont even care " walked out and left while telling what had happened to my friends lol.
  2. so you spent 20 dollars on each seperate gram? that better be some damn good dank man. dont see why they wouldnt lower it to like 100 for a quarter. but anyways this story is pretty pointless. so somebody could tell you were high, big deal. lol, it happens all the time.
  3. yeah trust me its worth the money. and i just thought it was funny ahaha.
  4. its okay man, good vibes. i just smoked some purps :D, but im glad its worth it. ive only had medical a few times before.:smoking:

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