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gas station kush?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RedBull13, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. A local gas station in missouri who has strict strict strict ganja laws had a display called "kush brownies- for relaxation" all tie die wrapping and shit. So I know it obivously wasn't actual marijauna so what was it?
  2. Fuck if I know, champ.:cool:
  3. Some synthetic cannabinoid brownies maybe, not really sure. I've never heard of anyone taking synthetic cannabinoids in powder form than baking them into food, so maybe it's just false advertising? Buy one, look on the back and let us know what its made of.
  4. We've got a hookah bar in Chicago called Kush. Never been in there, but I assume they're not smoking kush.
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    Rose hips and shit it doesn't get you high,you just sleep for hours

    Same ingredients as the drank,lean,and purple stuff(anti-energy drinks)
  6. The gas station has strict strict strict ganja laws?

    Anyways, it's probably something you shouldn't consume. :cool:
  7. It was dog shit mixed in brownie form, next time you should give it a try i heard if you eat enough of time you'll get so high you'll throw up for the next week.
  8. [quote name='"Oceanic"']The gas station has strict strict strict ganja laws?[/quote]

    The owner's a straight edge
  9. Its probably like spice brownies. fuck spice

  10. Dog shit = Spice.
  11. I'm in Missouri and I've never seen these at my local gas stations. Sounds weird.
  12. I bet that shit was diesel .
  13. Well I would read the ingredients before purchasing. Definately know whats in it before eating it.

    I've seen brownies called lazy cakes which were loaded with valerian and melatonin, natural sleep aids
  14. Last time i looked at the back label i couldn't say half the shit on it, did i still eat it. HELL YES and whose with me?
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    i would buy weed brownies from a 12 year old crack addict before i would buy them from a gas station... just sayin' :cool:
  16. Hmmm, look what I found. I googled "kush brownies," and this site came up. It looks like the product the OP was talking about, and has the same ingredients you mentioned.


    "Kush cakes," "These cakes are baked with love and our proprietary blend of all natural ingredients, featuring Melatonin and Valerian root as the key active ingredients." It's just some bullshit scam to get your money.

    Welcome to Kush Cakes | The premium relaxation brownie | 100% legal
  17. For the price of one or two of those 'relaxation brownies', you could go to the natural sleep-aid aisle at your local health shop or pharmacy, and be set for 6 months :p It's just herbal tylenol pm... a bit of a scam, if you ask me. :)
  18. I'm sure it has whatever is in those anti energy drinks. Makes you pass the fuck out.
  19. [quote name='"MARLEYFEST"']I'm sure it has whatever is in those anti energy drinks. Makes you pass the fuck out.[/quote]

    These work? I see them at the counter all the time and I've always wondered if they work lol
  20. Those drinks are water, sugar, flavor and a few pennies worth of herbal supplements, that you can find at a health food shop or walmart for much less.

    In other words, those drinks (like the fake brownies) are gimmicks, and their success is based solely on the fact that most people don't realize that, minus the sugar and/or artificial sweeteners, your local grocer's supplement aisle is a much better option. Like I mentioned earlier, for the cost of a single gimmicky drink, you'd be set for months :p

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