Gas Mask

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  1. anyone here got a gas mask bong and is it worth it

    ive always wanted one
  2. I dont but ive heard most thc is absorbed in the lungs in the first 5 seconds so idk if it gets you higher

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  3. It's a pretty fun novelty... will get you super baked at first, the intensity definitely drops with use
    while I ALWAYS recommend smoking out of glass, this is the one exception. if you buy a gas mask and plan on sharing the love with friends... which you probably are because most people aren't looking into gas masks for personal use... you might want to go with a plastic/acrylic style instead of glass. people have a tendency to freak out in those things because they think they can't breathe... when people are freaking out, they aren't considering you or the value of your piece... so it is highly likely that you or one of your friends will rip off and throw the gas mask in a moment of panic
    it's not really a lunch break piece lol but you should definitely grab one

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