Gas Mask tips?

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  1. I've got one of these gas mask pipes:

    And I was wondering if you guys could shed some light on how to properly hit that shit. IS it really as simple as fill the bowl, light it, hold the toke, release the toke?

    How do I get the smoke to remain in the mask so I can bake inside the mask, isn't that the point? A lot of youtube videos I saw they just inhaled and exhaled like a bong rip with the disadvantages of wearing a mask.. Whats the point and how do I do it? Thanks, I just got off probation and bought one as a present to myself :D :smoke:
  2. gotta get a goofy ass pair of googles to wear underneath so you can see the smoke
  3. I don't really need to see it, I just want the gas mask to retain the smoke so when I exhale, the smoke stays inside the mask and when I inhale again, I inhale what I just exhaled as well as new smoke coming from the pipe.. I thought that was the point, and was asking how to go about doing that.
  4. they're more just for looks and ease of use. If it stayed n, you'd choke
  5. Nah just hit it line a normal water pipe :) fill it with smoke and clear it. But of you dont clear in one you just breathe out without taking off the mask and it shoots out exit vents without disturbing the new smoke coming out of the pipe :) DON'T LET THE SMOKE GO STALE IT SUCKS. SO BAD.

    Good luck :)
  6. When ever I hit a mask, I take my hit, hold it, exhale out, and take long deep breaths after that. Until all the smoke is gone, and I'm toasty :)
  7. milkshot? make a video please that gas mask looks awesome
  8. milk that shit, wear goggles though =P

    post video or pics
  9. Have cold water handy.
  10. wash your face after

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