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Gas mask bong

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Charliec, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. I'm really considering making a gas mask bong but I'm not sure where to start. Can anyone tell me what kind of gas mask works best?
  2. you can probley get a nicely made one at your lhs for like 40 bucks? its easy to take apart and attach to other pieces (with tape)
  3. ^ this

    or if you really wanna make it a DIY you can buy gas masks at military surplus stores or something
  4. Order favorite style of gas mask online(yes, there are MANY styles)
    Buy favorite bong ever
    Buy some OG kush
    Attach bong to gas mask(electrical tape I've found works really well)
    Put weed in bowl
    Light it up
    Have fun
    Toke happy :bongin:
  5. I just bought a gas mask off amazon for $20 and now I'm Gona have to go get a new bong:)
  6. Dude.. they're a novelty.. any experienced toker would just laugh at the thought of one. You can barely breathe and if you use them everyday like you would a pipe or bong or anything you'll get terrible greasy pizza pimple face from the smoke. And it burns your eyes. And don't think to show off to your friends with it because after using it they'll just talk shit behind your back, laugh and never use it again.

  7. QFT, Mainly newb smokers go for these... they were cool wen i was around 14, but if u invest too much money in it youll just be pissed off in the end, theyre really nothing special at all. Theyre actually counter productive if u ask me, theyre hard as fuck to hit and clear... by the time i had the mask filled with smoke, i was outta of breath and couldnt clear it.

    I guess itd be better if u use an extremely small bong, but in reality its not that cool of an experience.. ur just bathing your face in weed smoke lol.

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