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  1. I was thinking of using Garlic as an Insecticide beause i get little bugs in my growing place, with Garlic do you just put a clove in the pot with some of the plants or what?
  2. well, this is *indoor growing* so i dont knwo how many bugs you get.

    for outside:

    - get a 2 liter soda bottle ( empty ) and fill it like 6/8 full with warm water. Then, put it some soap and/or vinegar. Lastly, put in some garlic ( chopped or minced ) and shake up. Let it settle, shake again, then pour in a circle around your grow site ( pretty distant, nothing too close ) and also dab the solution on nearby areas.
  3. It is indoor i just get little fruit flys and the like in there, will those hurt them at all? This is my first time growing
  4. They're more likely to be fungus gnats, and, yes, they are detrimental to your plant. Get rid of those.

    You can mix water, vinegar (not much), cayenne, garlic, and a couple of drops of dish soap into a squirt bottle. Fire away at your whole plant.

    For the gnats, you'll need a different approach. The gnats are on a constant reproduction cycle. The entire life cycle only takes about 14 days for these guys, so they're a pain in the balls to get rid of.

    Put about an inch of contractor's sand on the top of your soil so that it completely covers the surface. Then, spray your plant with that bug juice recipe up there. I also just remembered that you can soak a cigarette in that stuff for a day or so and the nic will help kill.

    Over-watering will increase your chances of the fungus-gnats thriving. Make sure you only water when needed, and only an appropriate amount. While trying to kill off an existing infestation, you're going to want to get things as dry as possible. BUT watch out for signs of spider mites, because they like it when the plant is drying out and getting weaker.

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