garden worms?

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  1. will putting garden worms in my pots do anything? will it hurt anything? is it even worth it?
  2. I don't think so, There are some in my pots. They araete(SP?) the soil.
  3. yes they dont burrow, as they move forward they take in the soil and pass it back out the back end :) an autoshitter :) makes the soil breath very well if you ask me.
  4. in my tiny little mind it seems that worms would be benificial in every point...
    areation being crucial and those little droppings are good food huh??
  5. all right thanx i guess ill just go snatch some fishing worms out the little fridge in wal*mart
  6. HIGH All, of coarse worms are the Best...but putting them in a pot..I don't think they'd live to long. Worms is the soils beat Friend, but what happens when it rains.

    So no I don't think it would be worth it...worm castings at a nursary or something of that Nature would have them for cheap and I mean cheap.
  7. I think it is beneficial. More air to the roots the better right?? You could probaly keep the worms alive by putting a piece of bread on the soil.
  8. lol i think worms eat dirt..not bread right? thanx for the suggestion thow
  9. HIGH All, *LOL* why not just grow and buy some worm shit....if you think worms with help...grow for it....jeezzzz
  10. Worms do not eat dirt bra. . . . . . . . . .

    Some people like to try different things is that so wrong?? Sure, you could go buy some 'worm castings' but wheres the fun in that?? Some people on here are to uptight. . . . .should try smoking marijuana heard it helps.....:smoking:
  11. according to you're link..worms still dont eat bread, apples and corn bread
  12. this thread is no longer worth my thought


  13. LOL. . . .NOt worth my time...wayyy too baked to let a noob get on me nerves
  14. If u really wanna healthy plant get bat shit (guano). I dont know where but ive heard thats the best.

  15. HIGH All, *choo talking too me*(in Al Pacino's voice) you really seriously think putting worms in your pots will help...I've been growing for over 25yrs and if I think it would help I would have tried it...hey I'm All for experimenting..grow for it..someone ask's for advice I give it.

    Now who's too uptight...maybe should lay O.F.F.F. the weed Bro.
  16. Worm castings vs. worms are two different issues. You'll never put enough worms in a grow pot to generate a good amount of castings for your plant, and adding castings will never aerate the soil like worms.

    I use worm castings as a soil amendment and fertilizer. Never tried live worms, most advice I've seen on them is that they could be beneficial and won't do harm. But I'm just passing that along secondhand.

    If you're in an expreminental mood, why not try it? Report back so we can all learn. Some wonder if the worms will live -- maybe not, but if they die then all you've done is added a tiny bit more organic matter, right?
  17. HIGH All, excellent advice toasty..and I agree... it's just how long could they I don't beleive in taking anything from outside without sterilization first..has anyone seen a nematode if not should do some reading. I have had nematodes kill a freshly germed seed..broke the sucker open and there it was...I have a veg garden and some worms I looked at had some on them...not saying these were nematodes that ate my little's just not sterile

    Just saying sterilization is the key to Healthy plants.

    Edit: to the person that gave me -rep..and said this.."Bad man, worms are good". When did I say worms are Bad....if you can't read it's not my fault...pussy!!!!
  18. i use worm tea,its liquid cocentrated worm castings,,to make sure it ait a fake,see if its endorsed by i.m.r.i.,,,,they only endorse 100%,orgaic fertilizers,,so if you see theyre symbol on the product its organic.i would tell you the n-p-k,,but its not on the bottle,,i also use ,alaskan fish emulsions, its 5-1-1,

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