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  1. So I had this idea where I wanted to make a grow room out of a garbage can :eek: what do you guys think about this? I could easily put this in my shed and nobody would think oddly of it. I could hang lights in it and all that jazz. Hell, I may even add a secret compartment camouflaged with garbage, or newspapers thrown over it.

    Any reason why this would be a bad idea? Maybe use it just for growing small plants until they are strong enough to go outside? But I would be really happy if I could make this so I could grow in the winter. Thanks in advance.

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  2. ...and here is a picture to get some creative juices flowing in you guys :D

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  3. It has been done successfully many times, search around and you will find plenty of tips, instructions and pictures.

    Good luck!

  4. have a look at my grow box

  5. Hey, thanks a lot. I googled and found some results. However, none of which are really what I am looking for. I was hoping to make a stand up can, that is way more stealth than the ones I have seen. Perhaps less rough holes letting light out and such. I am thinking along the lines of that picture. I am willing to experiment with this project if one you lovely blades or bladies could let me know what kind of light I should use if I want to place it in the same position as in my drawing. Thanks in advance.

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  6. Well, for tight spaces, people generally stick with CFLs. There is a great CFL thread HERE.

    You will either want to make it so you can move your plant down or your lights up as it grows to keep the bulbs the same distance from the leaves (about 4 inches, according to the above link). Seems like it would be easy to put your lights on some type of pulley or hook system attached to the lid that would allow you to raise and lower them.
  7. the idea should work.

    when i read the thread title all i could think of was trailer park boys movies. lol :p

    good luck OP! post some pics if you can.
  8. I'm ready to see some pics!!!:)
  9. I did it. I put an aluminum garbage can inside of a bigger plastic garbage can so I could have some insulation between them. I squirted expandable foam in the space in between. It kept them tightly together. Later when I went to throw it away I found that a lot of the foam never dried in the middle of the bottom. I cut a hole in the bottom for a fan and one in the aluminum lid and then the plastic lid. I painted the inside white and got a aluminum trouble light fixture for a 150 watt fluorescent bulb that’s all I needed because it’s round and white in there so it reflected very well. I just grew it outside in an ungrateful garden shed. The bulb kept it warm but I had to put a little electric heater near the bottom of the can. I grew a plant and cloned from it. It was my first grow and I took it too fast. As soon as I saw pistols I cut it. I read up on how to tell if it’s female and how the thc is in the flowering plant. So I thought ok it’s flowering so it’s done. I learned later that if you add a warm color bulb like a harvest sun and let the flowers mature and turn to colas that is when you harvest. After several weeks of flowering. I I tried another one plant grow and that turned out awesome. It was fun to adjust temp and humidity from a wireless phone app. I also took a IV bag and filled it with vinegar and set a drip rate so it slowly dripped into a one of those pods you can buy with the screen to fill with coffee for a single cup coffee maker. I would fill the little cup with baking soda and every time it dripped it would give off carbon dioxide. Man that was fun. I grew from a seed I got from the internet that was feminized. I just kept the light on 24 7 during the vegetation phase and then put it on a timer to give it about 3 hours a day in darkness. I did it for six weeks until I had nice colas. I’m a lightweight so it lasted me a year.
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  10. My guy just necroed a decade old thread :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:. Welcome to the forum bro man

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