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Ganja's Healing qualities

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by O.F420/247 G-13, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. after my several years of heavy daily using i still always find marijuana is the best cure or remedy for so many things. Not only is it the best pain killer for head aches or stress but it relieves even the worst hang overs instantaneously, no matter how sever my hangover is a gram or 2 of the dankness and a water or coffee and some chill time is always a great cure,anyways my brother has suffered anxiety and depression all of his life and the only thing keeping him going is the relief the herb provides him, he is now graduating Yale with a 3.9 gpa and has smoked every day, also the other day i sufferd an hour long bloody nose probably due to the previous nights activities however nothing was stopping it until i just packed a bowl of kush in my phx, it stopped immeaditly. All of these cases as well as the many stories i have read of cancer patents including my aunt who medicinally used and came to the conclusion marijuana is the best painkiller during kemo and the long haul. I am just curious to hear of anybody elses stories or experiences with marijuana and medicinal qualities?
  2. I have bursitis in both my knees from snowboard/longboard injuries. its where the soft tissues swell up to protect the harder stuff like bones, tendons, cartilage, etc. this last semester at school i fucked them up bad longboardin and could barely even walk from my dorm to class it was so painful. before i just iced them for awhile but in the dorms i didnt have access to ice (kinda funny ice was a rare commodity but an illegal substance isnt), instead id just smoke a j and id be fine. in addition since smoking weed i never get headaches and havent gotten a migrane in over a year. now im on a break cause of living with parents, and my knees are once again in pain, advil, motrin, or any other painkillers and anti-inflammorty meds cant come close to the healing powers of cannabis:D
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