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Ganja Butter and Cookies I made, Help?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DevilRed, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. Okay "seasoned tokers" or "munchers" Ive got a quick question to run past you all.

    For those who have cooked with ganja butter, etc.

    I took 1.5 ounces of straight up bud, slow cooked it in my crock pot for 14 hours with 14ounces of butter. I then took some cheese cloth laid it over a bowl, poured the green stinky glop on top, let it drain into the bowl for 2-3 minutes. It was then cool enough for me to squeeze all the extra butter from the glob of buddish gunk. When done I ended up with approx 12 ounces of beutiful "ganja butter"

    So I baked this into a recipe for peanute butter cookies. Used all the butter, bunch of suger, some pb and flour, ended up with about 25 - 3" cookies.

    So I munched one down. I must say they smell better than they taste. The MJ really gave them a strange nutty -slash- lawn clipping taste. But not too bad just different.

    So to get to my point.......i munched this fucker down about 20 minutes ago. And as far as I can tell im not buzz'n.

    I used white widow bud, 1.5oz to make 25 cookies, shouldn't they be kick'n me in the ass?
  2. When eating mj It usually takes about 2 hrs I think to kick into effect.
  3. Anyone Second that? I would of thought that it was absorbed rather quick, like when you take motrin or tylenole
  4. did you munch your cookin warm? as many of us do?.....for whatever reason the taste is much milder when complety cooled.
    i second that..for a fact.
    it does take a couple of hours and its more of a body buzz ( like a valium or somthing) than a head buzz...have fun :)

  5. Okay, so is the dossage I did pretty good? Should be enough to feel it?

    As for the cookie, yea i had it warm, and well..........put it this way, if it was a flavor you could buy........i wouldn't buy it :)

    I came up with an idea. I took two pb cookies, and spread some actual pb between them. They are chill'n in the fridge right now. Should taste better, and since they are now two cookies, the buzzzzzz should be stronger.

    I think maybe you are right about the buzz. Its been about an hour and im kinda bzz'n a little.
  6. It takes longer than 20 mins to hit you man, the high of eating cannabis slowly builds up on you and that's what i love about it.

    Don't worry, you'll have a brilliant time.

    The other night i ate alot of hash about 6pm and by 1am i was still completly and uterly wasted :)
  7. aftr their cooled have another,the taste is not nearly as strong

    an it sounds like ya done good. :D
  8. Man, i can't eat them all down :) These are Christmas cookies, little gifts to all my stoner buddies.

    I do think the taste might be a bit better cool, and also since ive added creamy pb on top of them.
  9. im feeling it now
    Cooo coo ca choooo!

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