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  1. Hi all Pot heads and smokers! Im Green Ganja or GG or green or just ganja w/e you want to call me is cool.
    Im now going to go pretty in depth into my ganja smoking devices. so if you dont want to read alot the next paragraphs are about a bong, case,bong,vape.and pipe.

    I ussually smoke out of my 2 foot bong thats made by AMG and its rasta slime or ooze coloring on the mouth piece. and a little drop of rasta color that looks like a drip on the side and has other misc. designs on the side. With ash catcher .
    And i have a huge case for any piece im lugging around that is dark black with shoulder strap. with two compartments that are heavily padded that i put bowls,grinder or lighter or my ganja in it.

    I also have a "travel size" bong thats about one foot or 3/4 of a foot tall. thats hits pretty well . it has a red frog on the side of it . and has blue and yellow lightly colored flames on the water bowl. and i also have an ash catcher for it. but im tring to use the bowl for it to make a res bowl for later if i ever run out in an emergency crisis.

    and i have a vaperizer thats not a volocano . guy at the smoke shop called the design a "tunnel" but i dunno what you call it . and it says Digivaporizer on the side and has a nice wood finsh. but i need a new tube for it cause the screen fell out and i put it back in but its not really staying its letting some particales thru. with temp gauge. i ussually use 98 degrees.

    I used to have a big green pipe that was like 5 inches long with a big bowl that could hold a gram or 1/2 of a gram . it hit pretty good but i didnt like the design that much i bought it when i was so high my buddy had to hold my bong up to my lips i couldnt grab it. so i sold it for five dollars more then i bought it.

    but i might buy a big piece soon cause im moving to vegas.
    and i might buy one for my best friend shes doesnt have money cause shes got like 4 kids. which sucks but i help her out with ganja and other supplies when i can.

    Green Ganja
  2. Welcome to the City! :wave:
  3. welcome to the city dude :smoking:

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