Gandhi was WRONG!

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  1. Just some thoughts, I would love to hear your own :smoke: Much love.
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  2. I really like your thought process. I think the same way. My feelings are that youre put here for a purpose and everything happens for a reason and society gets in the way of going on such a journey to find inner peace and ones happiness. We need some sort of order in a society i do believe cause complete chaos is ludicrous but people arent free to do or feel they way they are comfortable. Youre on the right path in my eyes youre realizing that theres a bigger picture then the social acceptance that "society" pushes on us. Youre very intelligent i look forward to hearing more of your "rants" ha cause thats my specialty :)
  3. If we are put here for a purpose, then wouldn't society be put here for a purpose as well? I agree that it gets in the way of finding inner peace, but I believe there is a reason it exists.

    To OP, I don't really agree with your take on morality, but if it works for ya then that's cool.
  4. I most definitely agree with you man. Society is here for a purpose, just like us. I'm not for the destruction of society at all, but I am for people becoming aware of how society affects, and in a way, controls us in order to enhance our lives on our own terms.
  5. I agree completely. I think it's intended to teach us a lesson. Unfortunately, it teaches very few.
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    Society at its core creates a sense of connection. Unfortunately the wolves empowered this connection, and divided us into classes. "Survival of the fittest" now belongs to the highest ranking class.

  7. Def society is here for a purpose, but i think its not fair to group when we are all individuals. I think most of society has been over powered by the thought process of the elite. thats just my opinion. If we don't learn anything from society and how it works then its a fail anyways and the purpose is not ever found.
  8. Society gives us something to do. How much of your time is spent directed at your relationship with something else? Your involvement with other beings and things: whether ideas or objects. You want a new computer, why? If it didn't have internet capabilities, would you still want it?

    Let's say you have no money: your job enables you to eat and live without worry. However, you can't afford anything else. No TV, no computer, no games. What do you do? Find another job, hang out with other people, or think about yourself and reality as you know it. Of those 3, which one gives you nothing to actually do?

    When you're out of society, what do you think about? What you're going to do in the future? The next goal you're going to achieve? What about why you're striving for it? What is the reason you want it? Does it make you happy? Does it give you a sense of satisfaction? Does it remind you of a certain someone? What does that satisfaction stem from? What does that certain someone mean to you?

    It's kind of like going in a circle: when your thoughts take you to other things, gently reverse their direction back to you. Don't feel conceited doing it, because you're not trying to be better than anyone else; in fact, nobody else is even involved. Introspection.

    Then when you've got a more solid grip on yourself, you're better able to exist in society; you don't worry about what they think of you, or how you affect them. But you're still aware of it; because you haven't lost anything during this time of introspection; you've only gained yourself. In this way, you can be more honest with others, knowing how their system of life compares and contrasts with yours.

    The tough part, is learning to respect and distance yourself from those whose life styles cause dissonance with your life, rather than asserting your views onto them. Remember when others did that to you?

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    Gandhi wasn't wrong. It's ok to be you. Do whatever floats your boat and makes your heart happy. Just try not to harm others or cause pain to others. Because we are all one. Why hurt and cause pain to yourself? To your fellow brothers and sisters who are having a human experience just like you? As long as you think with your heart and make decisions based on honest feelings and not just impulses and thoughts of the mind I think we will always know whats right. I liked your video. You are on the right path. :)
  10. hey man leave gandhi alone what did he ever do to you

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