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  1. Hey GC, im looking for a the best gaming laptop for under 1000 dollars. Ive researched around and found that the Levono Y500 is one of the best but the problem is that amazon cant ship it to me because i live in Canada. Buying locally all ive found is this "
    " and im wondering if it has some pretty decent specs for the price or if theres any better alternatives for me. Thanks!

  2. Why not just research around the web and build a mini-ITX/micro-ATX case rig? Gaming laptops suck and have horrendous heat dispersion. Plus you could probably build a much better system with 7-800 bucks than you could with any pre-built laptop or computer.
    Plus the experience and know-how you gain from working on your own machine adds a sense of accomplishment and ownership to your build, instead of some crappy price tag a company assigned to a product of lesser quality.
  3. Yea I agree. If you want a gaming computer you should just build one. 
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    As suggested already I agree with Build a gaming PC if that is what you want a pc for, don't waste your time/money with laptops that can't be upgraded past the Initial RAM and HDD that's installed. Gaming laptops have a tendency to run hot as well which end up being more like Lap burners than laptops.
    The only way I could see a gaming laptop being practical is if your a business man that travels often and needs something to kill time in hotels or maybe a college student or whatever who wants a laptop for doing school work mostly then playing games occasionally.
    For $1000 budget you could build yourself a nice gaming rig.
    To put it a little more into gaming perspective.
    $1000 gaming PC - You will be able to run Crysis 3 on  high settings comfortably.
    $1000 gaming laptop - You will be able to run Crysis 3 on Low - Medium settings comfortably but for less time because your laptop is going to get hot. (Specifically be wary of alienware laptops they overheat a lot)
    Either way Check out -   Microcenter can have some great deals, I got my I7 off their site for 180 vs 330 at newegg at the time :)
    They have good deals on either parts to build or Laptops.
    Also, a nice thing about mini-itx/micro-atx builds is that they're not very big as well. Larger than a laptop, but much, much, much smaller than a mid size tower.
    I think it's the BitFenix Prodigy that's a really good case for a build like that, plus it also isn't larger than say... A printer. Perfect to carry around, but like I said before it won't be nearly as portable.
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    I think OP wants a laptop to be able to take it to school with him. If not, then don't bother with a micro atx build. Just build a full tower rig. You'll have more hardware to choose from, better cooling options, expandability options.
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    You should spend $300 on some cheapo laptop that you can just take with you for school or anything you would need the portability for and the rest on building a desktop. That's what i would do anyways,.
    If you really want a laptop for gaming, then for the price i don't think you'll do better than this
    Just saw you're in canada
    here are the links they ship there.

  8. Thanks for the replies but i don't want a desktop because i want the portability.
  9. Yeah but see heres the thing, if you spend 1k on a gaming laptop that laptop is GOING to be a piece of shit, period, meanwhile a gaming tower might run you 400+monitor.
    Really you'd have to spend 1200-1500 to get a gaming laptop actually worth buying and even then. 
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    Ya man my buddy got a 1.5k laptop and he had me install a few graphical mods onto Skyrim and it couldn't even keep 30 FPS. Meanwhile, my 1.75k PC can run Skyrim with over 100 graphical mods and 60 FPS almost everywhere.

    Laptops are more expensive, not as powerful, don't last as long, and run hot as a mofo.

    Edit: Just saw that you don't want a desktop. Honestly I would hold off on buying anything if you can, a $1k laptop won't be all that powerful.
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    ya dude just build a pc.
    best buy has crap. target has crap. hp/dell is crap. that stuff is for people who don't know shit about pcs and are willing to get scammed out of their money cos they don't want to take the time to do a little research. the best way to go about this is to mix and match your own personal preferences.
    now if you want a laptop. that's going to be difficult. really good gaming laptops are EXPENSIVE. you'll be lucky if you find one just at $1000. if you're not worried about portability and just want a bad ass gaming pc. go for a tower. nothing beats it. its like having your own interchangable xbox or ps3 with zero limits on what you want to do with it. AND its cheaper then a laptop.
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    If you want portability you could always build a gaming PC doing mid or full size not micro and grab yourself a 10inch tablet and stream your gaming.
    I usually play Civ 5 at work on lunch breaks with my tablet streaming from home.
    Streaming service - Splashtop 2
    You would need to have a decent Nvidia card for this, GTX 660+
    Or.....Get a gear grip and drag a big tower around with you, Micros and Laptops just wont give you what you want for your price range for gaming.
    Or get a gaming laptop and play games on lower settings which would work, you could get a 1000 dollar gaming laptop and play most games that are out on Lower end settings. Be aware though that 3rd quarter games this year are going to be some high reqs so most likely you'll be missing out on some good titles, Metro Last light prob wont run good for you.
    Either way I hope whatever you get suites your needs~!
  13. Don't go down the "gaming laptop" road, it's bumpy and will most likely cause you to end up with a mediocre office computer which isn't fit for actual gaming. Buy a small and light laptop like the Toshiba Z930 or something like that and use that for when you need to bring your work with you (A laptop like that can even handle some of the light games out there).
    Build a tiny pc which you can bring with you in case you want to go play some games at a friends house. Carrying a 24" monitor under one arm and a tiny case under the other is no big deal really, I did it back when CRT monitors were the big (big) thing- that was different, but still very possible.
    Build a system which is capable of upgrades in the future and that way you'll get a computer that will last you many more years than what any silly gaming laptop will.
    You can buy hardware which is considered "superior" in laptops for a fraction of the price and then build a computer which fits your needs exactly, just do a bit of research.
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    Just a note: saying its for college is just stupid, if you are going to any kind of normal college they will have building full of computers for you to use. If you really needed something to type and bs on, get a 300$ laptop/netbook and a flash drive. 
    I go to a state college and it is full of decent i5 computers and there are even rooms with i7 computers too; even has mac labs for you mac users.... and thats at a state college...... 
  15. For gaming, towers are where its at. You dont need portable gaming unless you travel... What're you going to do? Launch skyrim in the dining hall? Play some tf2 under the glaring sun?(if you're outside, do some outside stuff man...) If going to a friends, invest in a small wheeled-suitcase to move the stuff. You'll be much happier, and hell if you carry that and the monitor your deltoids will thank you ;)
    Popped in for a read, thought I'd back this.

    You dont need a powerful laptop for college.

    I have the shittiest of shittiest nokia net book which lags upon opening more than one pdf... and it works just fine for taking notes and studying out of the dorm. Sure, I'd love something SLIGHTLY faster (opening 2 or 3 PDFs at once without waiting a minute after would be nice...)
    In the dorm I have my tower for computing, compiling, modeling, and gaming.
    During the day, I'll generally be in whatever building/library I'm doing work in. Every building has their own computer lab(s). Each one runs everything I need perfectly. Sure they're a little slow, but the beat the crap out of laptops even so.
    Though, Jumbo, i7? Really? What the fuck man; I dont even think the things I'm using are i5's haha.
    ONly 2 or three rooms on campus have it that i know of, and they are used by speciality classes. can still gain access though. but literally every other computer on campus has an i5....  
    and besides, i have an i7 on my personal computer lol
  17. If you want to do any real gaming running anywhere near max settings with a laptop that will last you more than 2 years or so, you will need to add about another $1k. There are indeed reliable gaming laptops but you won't find them at bestbuy or target.
    $800 and you can get so much more than you're going to get with buying a laptop, or anything else pre-assembled,
    This can run any game on high
  19. If your really really interested in a laptop OP i highly suggest you send your bucks towards alienware and save up for a good one, its expensive but they are just an awsome company. 

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