Gaming at parties?

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  1. If a group of people, Say 1/4 of the party is watching/playing a game, is it an appropriate thing? I say as long as everyone had a good time and you at least chilled with the host for a few minutes, as long as it's a chill environment, most things are cool. Others say different.
  2. I think it's fine as long as some one isn't just planted in front of the tv the whole time playing games at the party.

    at a lot of parties I go to there is usually multiple different areas with different things going on. some people just hanging out talking, some people drinking, some people outside, some people gaming, some people dancing/listening to music.

    As long as you aren't the only one gaming, and as long as you dont do it all night long I dont see anything wrong with it.
  3. Yeah, most I go to have gaming, a group on drinking game, people outside... Other people-not even the host-kept commenting/complaining at this one. I mean we just continued with what we do, mixing in some conversations. I didn't find it odd at all though. Betting on games is always fun.
  4. And, even when people aren't 'gaming' at parties, people are usually playing some sort of 'game'.

    playing horsehoes, playing bags, playing cards, drinking games, things like that.
  5. There's usually an Xbox or ps3 hooked up whenever there's a buncha people together, in my experience anyway. But that's not a party so much as people just chillin, drinking, and smoking. My friends are a bit nerdy though.

  6. Yeah, apparently these friends aren't as nerdy as most of my others. We'll have a party turn into a GameStop/beer run.
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    It's hit and miss.

    Once I went to a good friends party and got super fucked up. There weren't many people in his room, so I asked if it was cool to play a few songs on guitar hero in there. I was addicted to the shit and had to get it out of my system. He said other was cool so I went and played. Eventually a decent crowd built up to watch me (because I'm a fuccin GH monsta). Then other people started playing. So that went well.

    But if some dude is sitting there playing Mario by himself it doesn't fit in too well
  8. Hahaha I just imagined some weird dude in a corner playing Mario on a psp. Nah, we were playing Mortal Kombat and MW3. The only ones who seemed to bitch were some loud ass chiks. Basically drunk chiks and their "why aren't you paying attention to me".
  9. Last week me and my mates smoked up and had a Rome Total War LAN party in my bedroom. It was sick. Chilling and gaming is great.
  10. if there's an unused TV and an xbox somebody is bound to play Fifa eventually
  11. Good to see I'm not the only one who sees no problem. Just needy chiks who have the issue, I guess. Haha even the host sat down and threw money on Mortal Kombat.
  12. I am inviting some girls to dancing games on xbox kinect, its fun for all of us. Then only guys play MMA to showoff. Then we play random drinking games you know.
  13. i have been to raging parties up at college and there would be a shit ton of people straight throwing down & the random roommate is playing COD while its going on.

    like no joke all these people drinking and shit, bumping music, & the gamer is legit zoned in on a muted COD game in the living room.

  14. Haha that's how the group of us were. Whoever was playing was zoned. The rest of us waiting to play were watching/talking while we passed a bowl around.
  15. Not my kind of party but to each of their own i suppose
  16. if the controller's getting passed around, it's all good.
  17. See normally, when I go to parties, there's music playing, food and drinks set out in the kitchen, people out in the garden smoking (cigarettes, weed is cool indoors), and a game of Crash Team Racing set up in the living room.

    Shit's awesome.

  18. fuck.... I haven't had a good old nerdy LAN party in like 10 years.

    Really miss those days.
  19. I'm at a point in my life where everyone is a student living at home so we don't have too many house parties, but the garage we usually party in has beer pong, a smoking room, and SSBB is always in the Wii, gets rotation too.

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