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  1. Hey how much do you think i will get for this?

    pokemon fire red

    Spyro the eternal night

    Sonic Rush

    Crash super pack

    Resident evil 4 (wii)

    and legend of zelda twilight princess (wii)
  2. 20-30 bucks....

    I wouldn't do it if I was you. They start doing fingerprints now. Welcome to police state. :)
  3. what are you talkin about? lol
  4. Police are collecting fingerprints from gamestop if you decided to sell your games.
  5. and your telling me this because...? you think its stolen or somthing? lol
  6. /facepalm

    Nevermind. you'll get 20-30 dollars.
  7. roflmao sorry i get it now xD im just really tired hahaha

  8. yea wtf? i never had to give them finger prints but im guessing atleast $15
  9. i think its supost to be a joke about how gamestop rips you off...if its not idk wtf hes talkin about xD

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