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    Does any body know any tokin games?
  2. There's this one called puff puff pass where you take two hits of a joint/blunt and pass it to your buddy. It's a great time 'cause everyone wins.
    Really though, there's not much fun in toking games because there's no risk other than getting really, really high. Which to me doesn't seem so bad. 
  3. you could watch a stoner movie and take a hit anytime the herb is referenced...pretty fun haha.
  4. Ummm yea! Same with beer pong you just get drunk. Soooo. That doesnt stop people from playing the game.
  6. Check out Stoner Trivia on the app store. Pretty hard game.

    ‎Stoner Trivia
  7. Spam much?
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  8. And self promoting.
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