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  1. Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone knew of any games you can make money off of. I know you can off of realm of the mad god and Diablo 3, and second life but idk how.
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    RMT isn't something you do on the side for fun, it's something you do 24hrs a day in Korea camping HNM's in shifts to make a living. Now add in pop conditions, drop rates, in game economics and finding a static/party/guild/whathaveyou that will let you sell that rare drop they dedicated possibly months to help you get, just for maybe a couple hundred dollars.

    People hate RMT's, if you're selling shit at endgame or buying shit at endgame you will stand out like a sore thumb on your server.

    But if you happen to be that dude who legitimately is duel wielding a +3 Mythic with offhand Ridilli/Kraken Club then you have achieved in game god status.

  3. What game you talking about?? Lol
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    General MMO real money trade. I don't know how the official item selling in D3 works. I was just pointing out that when you see gil/gold/credit for sale websites, most are not US based or individually user sold (unless specified).

    I was just pointing out RMT and making money off gaming in general isn't something you do to make a quick buck.

    On the flip side, you could get very, very good at fighting games and play tournaments locally if you have a scene or travel if you can. That would actually take skill but anyone can get into it. Unfortunately the fighting game community is just as bad as the general FPS community.

    Or like the other blade said, Poker. Go learn some numbers and become a god of the tables.
  5. I've made 75 dollars canadian off of Diablo 3 selling some rares and a couple legendaries that I found. One morning I hopped on for 5 minutes to find a legendary and sold it for 14.99 within 3 hours of putting it up for sale. Of course, you don't actually get the full 15, they take a dollar plus 15% but still, it's like getting free cash in your pocket.

    Other than Diablo 3 I haven't made any money off any other game. I did get quite good at call of duty and made some friends on Steam who've been paid by sponsors before, but it takes a lot of dedication and playtime to reach that sort of level. Basically if you want to make cash off playing video games, expect to put in more time than a real job.
  6. I gave a kid 5 bucks for a shiny charmander once

    Best 5 I ever spent

    Though I could be wrong
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    Get a good bot. Like a really fucking good one that can do multiple things for you and wont have your character looking like it's being controlled by a bot. Only run it for a little bit of time. If your guy is grinding 24/7 he's gonna stick out. So only run the bot in times that it appears normal, and take a few hours here and there to legitimately play and talk to people.

    Get the account to a high level and have a lot of gold saved up. Sell the gold, then sell the account. Then repeat.

    You couldn't pay bills with that shit, but you still make money off minimal work. Just be prepared to deal with people trying to scam you when you try to sell shit.

    Or if you actually know the game well yourself because you've played it a lot.. Just play normal and get a ton of money and sell it off. Once you get money it's easy to use it to make even more money just playing the economy. At least that's how it was. I haven't played it in so long I don't know how effective that is. But I'd bet it's still possible

  8. Runescape totally sucks now, it used to be fun to play stoned as shit but it is so unfun now. You can't give away money or items, or be given money or items.... lammmeee
  9. Pokemon gold
  10. Runescape definitely bro, I have many friends who in their early years payed for the mary jane through selling botted accounts with like 99 of everything.
    Pokemon aswell surprisingly, it's gotten very competative and if you catch a good natured+shiny pokemon that someone really wants badly they'd pay you for it because finding the perfect pokemon is such tedious work and they rather just pay some one else to do it for them(I have a friend I met on a websight who pays for pokemon)
    Major League gaming of course, you think those Optic tryhards on cod play just for fun? Please, they make a living out of it.
  11. Even with the trade restrictions in Runescape there are a handful of ways to transfer items (though it can be inconvenient). Or if you're willing to take a slight loss in profit, you can just keep the gold/items on the account and just let it increase the act's value.
  12. [quote name='"Piff91"']Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone knew of any games you can make money off of. I know you can off of realm of the mad god and Diablo 3, and second life but idk how.[/quote]

    If you dont know how don't bother because you'll never contend against the ones that do.

    Turn 18 and get a real job.
  13. Runescape for sure. I know people making thousands off that game.
  14. even still??
  15. Work for machinima
  16. Everquest 2, takes mad time too hit level cap in that game. People pay about $300 for maxed characters.
  17. [quote name='"Relentless"']Everquest 2, takes mad time too hit level cap in that game. People pay about $300 for maxed characters.[/quote]

    Sold my EQ2 account near the end of the last expansion and made $1300.
    Granted...the time/money input was vastly inferior to the time/money output.

    It did, however, pay for half of my new granite counter top...

    And in all honesty it only takes two days to hit cap in EQ2. If you know what you're doing, leveling is a complete joke...
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    It's been a while since anyone said anything here but I'm currently playing 2 games that can generate a bit of income if you're active and play it smart.

    First ones called Market Glory, it's an online strategy game which is free to join and play, although you can invest if you want to get the ball rolling faster. The aim is to achieve financial success by working, creating companies and fighting. If you're not investing any money in it, you're best of starting off the first few weeks working (once every 24h) and fighting (10 times every 24h). You wont make much at first, but after a while, as your stats improve you make more out of every workday and fight. You also get bonuses for being active, so if you work 3 days in a row (has to be around the same time of the day as the day is over at 24hours GMT +2 and after that it'll be counted as a new day), you'll get a nice bonus. Until you get on the global market you'll be paid only in your local currency. This can be converted to Euros that you can withdraw to your paypal account.

    If it tickles your fancy and want to know more about it or register, here's the link:
    I also just started playing another similar game called Goldentowns. The aim of that game is to make as much gold as possible in your western style gold mining town. There are 10,000 goldcoins in the game, that can be traded for Euros to your Paypal account, or 24k real world gold. The goldcoins increase in value over time, so today one goldcoin is worth something like 4 Euros, but in 6 months it might be worth 7 Euros. As I just started playing it I can't tell you much about the likelyhood of making a decent coin, but it looks promising.

    Here's the link to that one:

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