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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by mistahdobalina, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Anyone else have a problem with gamers rage? Sometimes I will get so mad when I lose at a video game especially a sports game. Recently I been playing the Madden Moments on Madden 10 and there is one challenge that I cannot complete for the life of me. Every time I get the lead the other team will just go crazy and start making every pass and breaking every tackle its ridiculous. I just want to break this game and shove it up EA's ***. :hello:

    Lol I guess I need some more relaxing bud.
  2. When I'm high playing cod I can't help but just laugh at the bullshit, I shoot a guy 3 times with a shotgun, he takes all the damage and he knifes me. Lololol but if I'm sober I'll cuss him out.
  3. Haha you don't wanna play Dark Souls then. "Prepare to die", is all it says on the back of the game case. I've put over 95+ game hours into that game and honestly feel it was a complete waste of time. From pvp to pve it's ALL frustrating...Rage will ensue!!

    (Great game over all..will never play again though)
  4. Yeah I definitely have been avoiding Dark Souls and Demon Souls. A game where you have to start from the beginning every time after you die haha no thanks.
  5. If I'm not high, I get pissed off like no other when I play video games.
  6. its called nerd rage. and everybody nerd rages at one point or another. i have fond memories of people on vent while playing wow getting so worked up over such little things it was just fucking hilarious.
  7. I love killing somebody 3 times in a row and then look down and see "xx1337 headsh0Txx has left the game"

    I like thinking about their possible reactions. "FUCK THIS SHIT, i'm done with POS game!!! ARRGHHHH"

  8. Quit getting mad at vidya.
  9. [quote name='"Gryphonics"']Quit getting mad at vidya.

    The fuck?
  10. I've almost broke my cod cd once... so tempted to snap that bitch in half.
  11. I only play Halo 2, so the people that play me get the gamer's rage.
  12. Don't even get my started...I'm waaaaayyyyy too competitive when it comes to videos games or sports in general:rolleyes:

    I can get so pissed.
  13. lolz making someone rage quit is the best feeling in the world
  14. [quote name='"andbrokenglass3"']I've almost broke my cod cd once... so tempted to snap that bitch in half.[/quote]

    Your not alone, i suck ass at that game but i keep trying, all you hear is me swearing.

  15. You must jerk off to master chief aswell, its the only thing i see you talking about in this sub forum.
  16. Used to get piiiiiiiiiiiissed at cawd fo

    But now its them fucking mx vs atv games. Really now you make a race with 5 laps and 200 jumps and include faggot ass AI that cut every single turn so they hit you. and you make this fucker without a rewind option? wtf at least give us 3 god damn
  17. Try playing dayz. You have to start over from scratch, every single time you die. Even when, after staying alive for 10 days straight, some hackers come in and teleport ever single player to a room and mow us all down and take our stuff. So you get to start over with nothing. Very frustrating...
  18. I guarantee I can rage quit a cod game faster than anybody in this forum.

  19. [​IMG]
  20. I've gotten so good at backing out in all my games. Even the ones like BF that make you scroll all the way down to leave. I've got such speed a ninja would be impressed.

    Anyway, got some rage like 5 mins ago; playing BF when i run all the way across the map to get to the enemy base for someone to spawn literally 3 feet behind me. I mean come on BF, do you give the spawning options any thought whatsoever?

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