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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by PassIt!, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. A loong time ago, almost a year, there was a link on a GC post too the most amazing free online game of my eyes had ever seen...unfortunantly ive never found it again. Its only now that im blazed out of my head that i want too try too find it for the fifth time.

    In the game your a rabbit jumping from cloud too cloud going higher and higher into the sky, it had wonderful music, and if i remember correctly there was snow and bells.

    It was a awesome game, i really need help finding it but ive never been able too.
    Does anyone know of this game? Has anyone ever played it? And if so...
    Whats the website that has it?

    Please help GC! I cant play CS:S or World of Warcraft until my main computer is fixed, I.e a couple weeks!
    Help me!

    - passit!
  2. i believe its called winterbells try that and next time ur blazed try to play dolphin olympics 2 and make sure the sounds on its a grewat game
  3. Will do! Thank you so much man, you made my week!
  4. Holy FUCK this game is AWESOME.

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