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Discussion in 'General' started by Budder81, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. I recently bought a PS3 after waiting a year to hear consumers talk about the consoles, and decided PS3 was the best FOR ME. Anyone else get the PS3 or am I one of few? I know only 2 friends that have the ps3, and most have the Xbox360 which I dislike for unknown reasons, just don't like the feel of it (plus Bill Gates made it).

    If anyone wants to hit me up, my username is Cannnabis (3 N's).

    BTW, I played Halo 3, graphics are amazing, but gameplay had me getting sleepy. Resident Evil 5 looks awesome too.
  2. Yeah man, i play resistance, its freaking awesome game.

    my name is 'vicksmydawg' i think

  3. Bill gates has actually donated over %50 of his wealth to charity, thats of alot of donations! But he probably did it for the tax reciepts or media or something. But for whatever reasons he did it, gave away billions!
  4. Yeah that makes him a nice guy in all, but he makes crappy products. I have never liked anything he made. Every computer that has windows has pissed me off (and other people I presume).

    Just played some ranked games, man some people are just way too good. If your score ratio has twice the number of kills over deaths, think you need to get out more.
  5. I've got Resistance and Warhawk for online play but I won't have the net in my new house till later this month, for now I can steal wireless from my neighbors but that don't help for the PS3.

    PS3 is great, the 360 has some titles for it (Finally) but games run like shit on that system, had Oblivion when the game came out for it and it hardly ran the damn game so laggy what a crock of shit.

    If the lack of games has you down on the PS3 keep in mind it took a long time for the 360 to get any good titles the PS3 has a large line up that should be sweet coming out from now till 08, patience.

    Half Life Orange box comes out for PS3 in December TF2 is going to be sick online.

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