Galaxy S II skyrocket vs iphone 4s?

Discussion in 'General' started by procommunism, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Hey guys! my phone contract is up in a week or so, i was just wondering which smart phone i should get. idk if im going to stay with att or go to verizon. but which smart phone should i get if you dont reccomend either of those 2. Thanks! :D
  2. I traded my iPhone 4 for an s2,it was a good decision.
  3. The galaxy s2 skyrocket is really nice, especially if you have 4G LTE in your city, I think it's only out in like 12 cities or something.

    There's just more you can do with the phone without having to deal with Apple's bullshit. Apple always seems to have some sort of bullshit, I had an iPhone for 2 years and I couldn't be happier that I switched.
  4. Been rocking the GSII since the day it came out.

    Would never, ever go back to an iPhone. Once you realize how much Android smokes iOS you'll feel the same way...especially with Ice Cream Sandwich on your GSII
  5. Fuck apple. They'll come out with another iPhone every six monthes. Not worth it. Plus Android OS is just soooooo much smoother. I have it on my kindle :D
  6. I love apple. Never had an Android so can't say much. You can't go wrong with either though.
  7. i have the gs2 skyrocket, i can honestly say it's probably my favorite piece of technology ever. it's just badass. the only drawback like already stated is that not many cities have 4g coverage (yet), but the phone has wifi and pretty much everywhere has free wifi. wifi also has the added benefit of not using any of your data plan.
  8. On AT&T? Wait for the HTC One X next month. Way better than the Skyrocket. Or wait a little longer for the Samsung GSIII when it drops in May or later.
  9. I have the iPhone 4 and next phone I get will not be apple ever again, it's a good phone but there's to many small annoying problems that shouldn't happen with the amount of money apple makes.
  10. Another ios vs android thread. Oh boy

    Apples system is easier to use and intuitive, android system is more customizable and slick looking.

    You gotta try em both to see what fits you better.

    Hardware wise, the iphone touch screen is the best I've seen, it's always spot on. Idk about CPU power and all that, but I heard android phones usually have more...don't take my word for it though, I may or may not have just made that up.
  11. android > iphone
  12. Yeah I have both iPhone and samsung, they're both great phones.

    Samsung is much faster, not as smooth, resolution for apple is unbeat.

    The size for iPhone is perfect, try getting the samsung out of pockets is fucking annoying when you have large hands.
  13. I use both fairly frequently and I would never choose an iPhone for my personal life. IPhones are so generic its not even funny, and anyone with common sense can realize Apple simply takes advantage of their customers loyalty...

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