Galaxy Hydro LEDs any good?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by nt3grals, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. I was wandering if anyone has ever used the galaxy hydro LED lights before, & what they thought about them. I'd really love to get a platinum p450, but i just cannot afford $550 right now. The Galaxy Hydro I am looking into is a 600w, & is only $280. I'm just going to be growing in a 2x3x6 tent, & only growing a couple plants at a time. What do you guys think?

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  2. I'm using them man my plants are getting huge they're loving it. I'm using 4 300w ones and I'm growing 6 plants

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  3. [​IMG]

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  4. Awesome! Thanks for the reply bro! They do look great too!

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  5. Would u suggest i go with 1 600w in my 36"x20"x63" tent, or go with 2 300w?

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  6. Those are at 26 days on those pics but I live having more lights because you can get better canopy coverage.

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  7. Yeah i think i may go with 2 of the 300w ones.

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  8. Galaxy Hydro is MarsHydro. Theyve changed their name from what I understand
  9. no no no , we are Mars Hydro, we are not Galaxy hydro. and we did not change our name. please note that all my friends.
  10. So are galaxyhydro led's made by mars hydro? Lol

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  11. I grew 6 plants in a small tent with the Galaxyhydro 300w full spectrum
    The Light grew me some Bad Azz weed...
    Small tent - 5-1/4oz of BUDS



  12. My apologies Sara, Ill have to find out where I read that information, as Im sure i have seen it before. Must have been a mistake. Theres no instance that you would be associated with these lights in any way? Is GalaxyHydro a secondary company to you for use in other countries, or perhaps as asked above, do you MAKE galaxy Hydro lights?

  13. No it's either lol I understand about the similarity you know that happens please do not mistaken marshydro with galaxyhydro my friends

    happy growing Mars families
  14. No worries Shawn that's totally okay i understand the misunderstanding, no worries but no absolutely different we are two separate and independent companies.

    happy growing Mars families
  15. I have a p450 I may be willing to sell for $350 + shipping. It's in use now, bought new in end of November. I'm not quit ready to part with it yet, but my cycle will be done in a few weeks.

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  16. Just saying.... For under $350... you can buy THREE 300w Galaxyhydros...
    ( Ok , the price changes... You can find them for about $110 ea )

    300w Galaxyhydro / Full Spectrum LED

  17. Try it, if it is what you desire for your grow.

    I'll give ya fitting analogy.

    I can go to taco bell right now down the street, and get 3 soft tacos for under $3. Or I can go to the Mexican restaurant the same distance away, and get 1 soft taco for $6.99.

    What's the difference?

    The ingredients used, the skill of the person cooking, the customer service of a restaurant setting and I'll probably have left overs left for a munchy later tonite if u wish.

    It's all about the results, that satisfy what it is your trying to do.

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    That's saying my Galaxyhydro was was a cheap rip off ?

    Or a different Story goes like this....

    Oh, I paid too much for something that was new...
    Now... Cheaper and better products are out there...
    I want my money back from this EXPENSIVE light
    so I can buy MORE lights for less money


    Point is... Your stuck with it... or you'll take a lot less money for it..
    Hope your grow paid for it....
    My Galaxyhydro paid for it's self 15 times over... ( in ONE grow )
    Why would I wanna sell something like that....

    So... Enjoy your Taco.....Your expensive Taco.

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  19. Mars hydro is way cheaper for a very similar light. You could get two mars300 off ebay for $120 or one galaxy300 for $110 off amazon and I'm sure they use the same parts or atleast very similar parts.

    To Groot, galaxy has been around longer then platinum. They also use far better parts and come with a 5 year warranty. How can you say your lights better when you've only tried your light? Seems just a tiny bit biased

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