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gage green seeds

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by nick52, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Attitude is adding Gage green seeds soon and i was wondering if attitude is the only one selling these seeds because the pictures look pretty good. the Flight 813 looks very tempting for my 2011 grow. Has anyone had the chance to grow it and what was it like and where did you get the seeds?
  2. Haven't grown any of his gear but I do know that riotseeds carries Gage Green genetics, I have my eye on that Grape Stomper myself :)
  3. Yes me too wants grape stomper..mmmmsour grapesmmmm.. Gage Greens genetics are supposed to be on point. I cant wait til the 'tude is carrying, then I can feed my hunger. actually a lot of those strains look:yummy:
  4. im definetly gettin that blue dream. I love blue dream. Any1 have that befor
  5. Hello, I am personallly familiar with the Gage Green gear and I will tell you all his stuff represents Cali genetics in full. You just can't go wrong and you will have something you want to keep for a long time

    check out the OG 5K mom.....

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  6. I've seen Gage Green Genetics on the Sensible Seeds website.

    The pictures do look delicious.
  7. Heard wonderful things and def on my next list to grow. Love it

  8. http://gagegreen.org

    Seems like they just got a new website with lots of nice pictures of their strains! Grape Stomper x OG anyone?
  9. beautiful genetics to add to my "to grow" list.
  10. Check out the LA Haze that have been flowering. Fucking legit and some fat colas. Frosty all over

    Pictures from Mr. B

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  11. I want the Inferno Haze, its supposed to be super limited but it is definitely on my must buy list. https://gagegreen.org/

    It is Fire OG x Afghan Haze and it just sounds delicious.
  12. Matt Riot is a thief and a sub par breeder...

    anyone thinking about buying Riot gear should read these...

    the way he treats people...

    "Heres the truth about Riot seeds for those that dont know..

    Yes folks, Mathew Riot is a scamming piece of shit!. I thought everyone knew this already. Before he went into the seed and clone biz He begged all of the breeders for thier cuts even cuts of their breeding stock and claimed it was for his medical patients. He said that he grew their medicine for them for free and gave it to them for free. I almost fell for his BS lies and sent him some but my gut told me somethin wasnt right with him. After i declined to send him some cuts since i didnt know him or ever here of him before, he went off on me and said i didnt care about the med community. I believe Outlaw grower also declined to send this guy some cuts and then when Outlaw grower got busted MathewRiot when online in public and made fun of him and said he deserved it. What a piece of shit. His plan was to use medical patients as an excuse to get access to dank cuts so he could make beans and sell cuts for outrageous prices. MATHEW RIOT IS A SCAMMING, LIEING, PIECE OF SHIT! THATS THE TRUTH!...~ogr "

    Riot Seeds and Gage Green Seeds - THCfarmer

    you have been warned
  13. Just to add to that Wharfrat74, Gage Green is no better. Him and Matt were 2 peas in a pod until some of their customers started calling them out on hermies from S1's. Gage blamed Matt, he blamed Gage, so who really knows what the truth is. All you have to do is look around forums and see that both have hermie issues in their strains.

    This is definately a buyer beware for both of these guys if you ask me. Raskal is not miuch better IMHO, I really do not believe he has any right calling any breeder "sub par" IMHO. I'm not real fond of cut breeders and breeders who produce S1's. To me, that is not breeding.

    I hope things work out for Outlaw, sad what happened, and even sadder that people made fun of him over getting busted....nobody, not one person regardless of skill level, deserves to be busted for cannabis.
  14. :smoke:
  15. I have heard bad things about both Riot and Gage. I personally will stay clear and not contribute to either one of them. They can blame each other all they want but if I were working with someone and I knew they were scamming and ripping people off, I would be the first to call him out on it. Either way they both will never see my business.
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    How are you UG?..... You bring false and bad information into this forum recklessly (tells me mucho about you ) . Lets examine some facts and then I'm off to work in the garden.

    Lets start with logistics. I've been involved with fine cannabis since 1972 and when I was not growing fulltime I was working on a BA at san francisco state university and building a successful "mainstream" business with an excellent track record. Maybe this does not seem like a big deal to someone like you, but I have not stayed in business for decades with a very loyal customer base by being sleazy and by selling shit.

    We work with rare "clone only" cuts, landrace strains, haze strains, all indy, all Sat, Hybrids,and Cali heirloom genetics. GAGE GREEN HAS AND WILL NEVER SELF POLLENATE ANY PLANTS USING STRESS OR CHEMICALS. We love our F1 genetics such as Grape Stomper, Sharon Stone, Pepe Le Pew, Lemon Stomper, and many more. Natural selection is best for us.
    I also am working with open pollenations using a Colombian black and gold landrace group and finishing one now with 10 Willie Nelson F2s.

    Gage Green prices are very reasonable compared to other more "hyped" collections.

    You claim to know about me and compare me to Riot....dude please. Ridiculous!

    I am not at Riot's site nor have I spoken with him in close to 6 months. You can interpret this as, "we're not close". I have never been involved with any breeding projects nor do I use anything he puts forth. I don't need to comment further or agree with you, but I will tell you this....there were plenty of small minded people over at riot's site who spend more time talking shit and blowing themselves up than they do with the sacred plant. Who were you there?

    BTW I'd be more than happy to check out any links to your past or present projects you may be proud of:) Always happy to see what the pros are doing, but please start your own thread where we can talk about your work and your work alone;)

    www.gagegreen.org :wave:

    pictured is our new Grape Stomper x OG pheno #6F :D

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  17. Hey Gage. Lets see, who is gonna come along next, maybe Mr Riot, or Thailord, or Ozzydiodude, or 46and2, or ReadysetgrowD9, or any of the many other cyber hitmen you guys have running around the various forums trying to justify and advertise your genetics?

    I think anyone with half a mind can easily see the cycle here, it only takes a few quick searches to know the truth.
  18. I've run the Grape Stomper Bx, Lemon Stomper, Pepe Le Dank, and LA Haze in my last run and I had no hermie issues whatsoever.

    I grew hydro for my first time and stressed the FUCK out of my girls and none of them produced any male flowers. In addition, they responded to my questions immediately and were very professional!

    It's pretty insulting to any breeder to compare them to Riot... They're nothing alike. I did a google search and found nothing bad being said about Gage Green.
  19. I just picked up the Mixed Gems pack during the promo at The Attitude and that included an extra 3 pack variety mix. I think I paid under $40 bucks for 13 seeds. I wouldn't group Gage Green next to Riot Seeds. The two are seperate entities like Heaven and Hell. I have searched for bad reviews on Gage Green and scams and have not found ONE. I was considering Riot Seeds Clusterfuck mix and went over to his forum. What I found, I didn't like. He had a forum dedicated to outstanding orders with the latest entry of May 10th with a guy who had purchased a Clusterfuck pack but has been waiting over a month. Also, do a little digging. Riots strains are sold out everywhere and The Attitude for one will not be stocking any more of his gear. There is a thread on RIU with emails from the Attitude verifying this info. I believe Riot Seeds will be history soon. One other thing, Riot Seeds has been pulled from bestseedbanks for excessive complaints. This was rather long winded but I did my research. Peace
  20. #20 Thailord, May 25, 2011
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    Unknowngrower, I do not know you, which means you definately do not know me. This will most likely be my one and only post here at this forum, and after nunmerous texts, and emails, I came over here to see why and how my name was used in your post. I'm not happy you used my name, as well as referred to me as a "cyber hitman". I have never grown Gage's nor Riot's genetics, and honestly, most likely never will for I have my own work and strains to deal with and have little time to deal with the genetics of others.

    I would appreciate the same respect I'm showing you here, do not put me into anything you do not know as fact. I do hope neither Gage nor Matt hold this against me. I have nothing against either of you.

    Take care Grasscity.

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