G37x lease

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  1. 2012 g37x coupe

    nav, heated seats etc no sport package

    359 month 39 month
    5k down
    good deal?
  2. If you lease for 2 years you will be paying 10K per year for a car that you cant sell after your lease. Then, if you want to keep the car, you have a huge balloon payment. I personally would not do that, but to each their own.
  3. If you're going to lease (not recommended) might as well lease a used model. The second a brand new car rolls of the stealership's lot, it depreciates in value. So let someone else take the hit.
  4. Bad deal. First of all don't lease cars, buy them. Secondly that is way high for an infiniti. Infiniti's interior is not luxurious at all. Its like fake japanese leather and fake panels with fake wood. Go for a bimmer or merc cuz they are way nicer and close to that price.
  5. you cant lease old models.

    bro im huntin if you wanna talk bimmer numbers ill give you what the dealership told me but it aint pretty, hence why im shoppin at infiniti. and idk what your saying but the g37x i was had a nice interior obviously not comparable to bimmers but the prices are substantially different

    real talk its a 3 year and 3 month lease boys about 15,000 for the lease in total tax and all.

    if you guys got any other suggestions toss em up
  6. Still man you're paying 15K for something that you'll never own. Leasing a car and renting an apartment are one in the same. They provide you with something that is never actually yours, any damages, extra miles, ect. still comes out of your pocket but at the end of the 3 years you get nothing back from them.

  7. If you need a bimmer for cheaper than that infinti and you are in the south florida area let me know. Thats way over priced lol
  8. BMW 328i Sedan - Special Offers - BMW North America

    Well-equipped with Premium Package, Value Package, Automatic Transmission and Destination charges.
    $349*/month for 36 months $1,500 Allowance available.
    Vehicle Registered outside N.Y.
    • $349 First months payment
    • $2,500 Down payment
    • $0 Security Deposit
    • $725 Acquisition fee
    • $3,574 Cash due at signing
    Vehicle Registered in N.Y.
    • $349 First months payment
    • $2,500 Down payment
    • $0 Security deposit
    • $725 Acquisition fee
    • $3,574 Cash due at signing
  9. On that infinity lease, you will spend, plus tax/interest etc over 19k. Is that a good deal? I dont know. Find out what price they are leasing the car at. Trucar.com get a price quote. You can have a car leased based from the invoice price or less depending on if there is any manufacturer cash, etc, etc. Also ask them or do some research on that G37x. Find the RESIDUAL. Here is how your lease is roughly factored (sans taxes, fees, reg, etc):

    car is 30,000, Residual is 40%. You pay 60% of that 30k, over your Term matching said residual amount. Then figure taxes, etc.

    Hope that helps. One of a few things that people need to research more, having spent time selling/leasing cars.
  10. coupe no sedan blade, navi heated seats etc aswell, and numbers on a website dont meann much
  11. i never understood why someone would want to lease a sports car. no point in trying to have things you cant afford. i knew a guy who is having a baby, works at a resturant making a little above minimum wage, still lives with mom, can barley take care of himself, and he wants to lease a raptor just so he can have a cool truck. its actuly retarded and you shouldnt try to look like you can afford things you really cant. especially something like a car.
  12. Coupe is around the same price. Navi can be purchased in a package for $2000. Trust me, you don't want an infiniti. Not too mention with a lease if you wanna do anything to the car like tints and intakes you gotta do it through infiniti.
  13. i feel you on the hassle to having it to take to infiniti for everything but gimmie some suggestions and different cars. im located on long island so the prices are not cheap
  14. Sure you can. If someone trades in their 2012 model for another 2012 model 3 months after purchase, you can definitely lease the trade-in.

  15. Go to a different place then long island to actually get the lease. Because you are right long island is very expensive.
  16. If you have to ask, the taxman probably isnt raping you hard enough so no, not a good deal for you
  17. get a g35 sedan. much better.

    i own one, trust me.

    BUY IT
  18. How about you look at a car that you can actually BUY...

    Dont do that leasin bullshit pay straight up with cash and in full

    People these days always buy more than they can afford if you dont got the money to pay in full then you cant afford it..

    And everyone wonders why debt is such a big thing these days people cant be happy with normal things always gota have more than you need
  19. ... you dont know whats good man, i can buy this car brand new if i really want to and not have to worry about shit. but i want to lease so dont bash my thread cause im asking if im getting a good deal
  20. [quote name='"denieddd"']

    ... you dont know whats good man, i can buy this car brand new if i really want to and not have to worry about shit. but i want to lease so dont bash my thread cause im asking if im getting a good deal[/quote]

    See but that's the thing.. If you have the money to buy it outright then do it. It would be stupid to lease it. The only people who need to lease cars are those with old money an don't have to work for it. If you are working for your money an trying to stay out of debt, leasing this car would probably be the worst "deal"

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