g13xpollen needed ?

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  1. anyone haveing pollen with a base strain of g13 let me know ,i have clones at 13inches and need pollen like yesterday !thanks dudes !good luck tazz11
  2. the hunt is over my lady's date has showed up !g13xbw pollen from pacific of canada,hard work pays off ,the strain MEDic is closer than one would think !its been alot of work hunting down this one type of pollen 7-8 countrys, thousands of members helping me, 6 sites members and search engs, and i still got to put them togather ,realy i find it rewarding a med weed user makeing a strain of med weed !latter dudes good luck tazz11

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  3. Glad you found some man,,hope it's viable...plant pic looks good,,still growing fresh pistils out the top I see....Smells real good from here....lol

    Peace man....have fun...keep us posted for sure...

  4. the pollen is 6 weeks old uncut in air tight packages i hope it is still viable ,i would think it is !when it get here i'll put it in the freg tell its time, wish should not be over 3 weeks, i know pushing it ,right dude !i got 3 more clones waiting and have not started them yet as a back up ! tell these frist 2 clones make seed i am praying its been a lot of work to get the strains in place ,whats up is i am going to cross my g13xhp-THR with this g13bw and at the same time cross the g13xbw with a belladonna ,three females one male pollen,after i have the to best seedlings from them they will become cross togather and medic #1 for inside use ! medic #2 for out side i am going to cross with mullumbimby madness!i know this takes time ,and is easyer said than done ,but i know what it is like to be without and i am trying to give them the best i can find money has not played a part in there makeing !the mother smoked great and her clones are getting nice fast ! the clones just went 12/12 and i will be pushing them the hole way !i push the mother hard and it did not hert her at all ,so i am waiting and hopeing this is my secound time up to bat hope it goes better this time ! the loss of 2/3 of my grow sucked !but i am getting a new light what do you thing dude 1000hps or combi 1000,i stiil got 430 hps with mh/hps !my grow is 12 by 8 ft ,i want to use the 430 for males if i can !or just throw them under floura,what would you get for a light dude over heating is not going to happen in a cool temp grow the room temp is 50 degree most of the time i have to rise the heat to what i like at 65-70.any input would help dude !i have looked at swictable ,combi ,high grade bulbs ,what do you think ? good luck tazz11
  5. damn looks yummy.. what is the high like? How does it grow, tall, short, bushy? Stink? Would u ever consider auctioning the f1,f2 hybrid seeds over at cbay(I would definitely be interested)? Have u thought of a nl#5 cross?
  6. the one that had the pollen said it was a strong male and and he is going to put f2's on cbay,thats what he had said dude, most of what i am doing well go in the makeing of these med weed strains for med users as well is some smokers i hope the smokers that run across these strain know they med weed designed and respect that and when they find a med weed user in need help them by shareing freely!as for nl#5 i had wondered about nl#9 because some med weed smokers cannot get up and take there grow rooms apart fast, the less smell may help them hide their grows better ! i am shocked you said that ! dude these plants are not know for yeild its there high as a pain killer that made me pick them ,and if you aint looked there is not alot of cheap g13 of any kind out there for the med weed smokers some are not growers and want to try only for the med weeds ,i know when a strain slows the pain for me it makes me want to grow a foot ball feild full !but even a few high grade easy to hide plants can give long wanted releave from their pain !and we want some thing that well stone us to the bone and every thing inbetween ! i can by weed my self but this is not about money ,i have money ,this is about knowing i have been their and god helped me beat my injurys so far and find my self again,i want to help those that are still in pain ,i feel it out their and know i can help ! good luck tazz11

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