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  1. does anyone know much about it?
  2. iv had G-13 diesle......omg so amazing!
  3. i had g13, it was prolly like the 3-4th best weed i've ever smoked
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    No I'm kidding, but for real welcome to the city but read please there is a spot for this its called apprentice tokers

  5. Thought G13 was a myth.

    I mean it might have been coined as a real strain by now, but I think when it first was known it was from a movie or some shit.
  6. i am actually on the opposite spectrum of a "noobie" to be completely honest. I am just curious towards the high it gives you. I have been told it gives you a high that keeps going and going until you reach a state of euphoria, and the high stays at a peak. i picked some up a bit ago and was mainly curious about it, the strain doesnt really hit up my area code too much.
  7. it is amazing. i loved it when i had it.
  8. my friends dad has medical marijuana and my friend knows his safe code where he keeps it. he had a half oz of "G13".

    needless to say my friend took a little and i was incompetent. incredibly high. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    intense shit i wish i can get some more of it.

    i was laughing for hourssssssss eating for hourrrrssssss

    i wish i had it
  9. great to hear! i will relax with some sticky bowls after my cross country meet tonight!

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