G13 x Northern lights seeds,

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  1. hey guys i just got my seeds today and i got some red beer cups, and i filled them with soil, then i poured filtered water in the soil and then made a hole about 1 inch deep and then just put the seeds in the holes and covered it lightly. i lowered the light 3 inchs from tops of cups. does this sound kinda right, do u think it will really matter that i didnt put them in paper towels before i put them in the soil. Please help im a noob
  2. no u dont really have to use a paper towel to germinate. most people say their is no benefit or difference in using them. ull be good just give it 5 days to a week and ull see that lil baby pop out the soil
  3. You did the best thing, IMHO. I never mess with paper towels, just do as nature intended.
  4. i always put my seeds in a glass of water for 6-8 hours. then right into the soil 1/4 inch deep. i get a 95% germ rate everytime!!

    good luck!
  5. That is exactly what I do.
  6. Thanks guys for ur info,
  7. Add a little H2O2 (3% solution), and that rate will get even better, and the seeds will germinate quicker due to the extra oxygen atom the H2O2 gives off.

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