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    Hi Guys,
    Just wanted to show off my new BHO extraction tube.  After messing with glass, and breaking several tubes, I've decided that enough is enough, and I wanted a solid piece.  This is a solid piece, and it's beautifully crafted.  I don't see why it would need to be replaced, ever. 
    I'll do an update after I've run a couple batches.
    Here's the official web site, for more information, or you can purchase them on eBay.

  2. How did it turn out? Did it work as advertised? 
  3. I have made many many lbs of bho with the same two glass tubes for more than a year.  They can be emptied and refilled in 2 minutes and cost $30 each. They make a perfect seal with one of the plastic caps provided with the can, and do not leak or hiss when blasting.
    My question is how are you breaking the tubes and how much was the SS extractor? Does it empty easier than glass in your opinion? Can you use coffee filters with the clamp they provide? Does the butane can make a leak free seal when blasting?  
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    the seal made between the canister valve and the stainless cap is perfect - no leaks
    Our line of extractor is meant for expansion and professional use. Many people call us after they have broken a glass extractor. After you break one you will know why stainless is the best choice.
    We sell extractors for professionals, professionl shops do not use glass because it endangers the employee as well as the place of business.
    Email me and i will have some bandaids and burn cream ready to ship with your order.
  5. lol!
    Dude everyones trying to sell sanitary spools! So easy to put these parts together yourself.
    Dont wanna shit on your thread but this is ridiculous, anyone can do this.
  6. Lol jimmy i was thinking the same thing, I saw your DIY post making one of these exact haha
    I do want to be clear i didnt start this thread and everyone is entitled to their own opinion BUT
    If you would do some research its not just assembling a tube, yes of course anyone could do that.
    We offer glass wool filtration, custom design and fabrication, closed systems, support for beginners, we are in the process of writing a book, most of the time we can offer you closed systems cheaper than you can fabricate them yourselves. Just something to think about....
    Yeah its easy to just assemble a tube but then you have crappy flat stainless mesh filtration and hose clamps not to mention other unprofessional stuff. For a slight up-charge you support a great company, get a warranty, a guarantee, a great filter, and great karma.
  8. crappy mesh filtration and hose clamps? way to go bud, I use 11 micron Whatman #1 papers
    nice try though :)
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    Dude, its not a contest and im not insulting anyone.
    I didnt pretend to say that was YOUR setup - I was making a general observaion - and mostly the community uses plastic and pvc which is dumb
    You are the one coming in with a bad attitude and downing an honest company which works hard to support the community and help those who do not know better so that they do not kill themselves.
    Personally, i dont care what kind of filter you use - if it works then great BUT a flat filter is not as good as glass wool - look into it.
    or dont if you want to remain ignorant.
  10. he's just trying to save people money by not buying your overpriced product. Not everyone is a moron
  11. i suppose you feel as though your comment contributed something valuable here?
    Its not about being a moron, maybe you will understand someday.
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    and you will have no filter and no machining done. Our filter material is over 35 dollars each our cost, packing, shipping, ebay fees, paypal fees, maching costs. Yeah we are really ripping people off, not to mention we offer support and talk to people for hours. Like i said, maybe someday you kids will understand.
  13. lol you're promoting people blast with cheap Korean butane and you pictured silicone gaskets with those tubes... really hope you arent selling people tubes with silicone gaskets..
  14. I just want to chime in here as a soon-to-be G-Grind customer. I know this is my first post but I made an account specifically to comment on the type of bullshit that went on in this thread.
    Obviously I am looking into BHO extracting and was researching the company I was going to purchase a product from (G-Grind) which led me to this thread. Looking around at prices you can tell that G-Grind is not trying to rip anyone off, they are providing a product and putting in hard work to develop their product for all their customers sake.
    You're probably asking - as is the theme in this thread - why should I pay a company to do what I can just make the parts myself. What you're actually paying for, is first the product, and then all the support and hours that have went into it. I love supporting upcoming companies that are passionate about their work because I know that if I was in their spot I'd be making a solid product and would never want to disappoint my customers. The fact that G-Grind is actively interacting with the community (as here) shows how much they value their product. I was 50/50 on buying a G-Grind product before, but after reading this thread my decision is final.
    And at everyone hating on a start up company. Look at what you're really doing; harming the upcoming weed revolution. We need companies like G-Grind out there trying to get weed as mainstream as possible so that accidents don't happen where uninformed kids are blowing their house of blasting butane dangerously.
    I got really pissed off at the people that posted in this thread because all they wanted to do was hurt the underdog. And I doubt any of them even took the time to research into the company before spewing hatred about it. Btw I looked around and G-Grind was the cheapest, custom machined BHO extractor provider around - obviously matched with quality too.

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