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G bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by st0n3b0n3, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. So I made a g bong nd I plan on usin it/one for the first time tomorrow after I pick up

    Any suggestions on what to expect? Is it gonna be like I blazed for my first time all over again?
  2. What did you make it out of? If you clear it in one hit its like getting shot by a fucking cannon. I've done many, 32oz gatorade bottle, 64oz gatorade bottle, 1 gallon milk jug. I cleared the 32 in one hit and couldn't stop coughing no matter how hard I tried. Hit the 64 with this chick and neither of us could stop, I seriously thought I was losing a lung, we coughed for maybe 5 minutes, I thought for sure my parents would wake up with all the noise.
  3. It's not a life-changing experience, but if you're not used to smoking a lot of weed in one hit, expect to be knocked on your ass.
  4. I made it out of smart water bottle and a nice sized socket
  5. If all goes to plan, you will be fucking high. Trust me :cool:
  6. [quote name='"st0n3b0n3"']I made it out of smart water bottle and a nice sized socket[/quote]

    It doesn't feel good at first but you'll be roasted for a solid 2 hours with a nice slow high for like 4 more, make sure you don't pack it too tight.
  7. Take it slow, dude. G-Bongs are notorious for being extremely strong. Let each toke you rip hit you before you take another, just so you know how high you're getting/going to get.
  8. wait a while(5 min) before you take another hit, if you take more than you can handle it wont be a nice high
  9. a grav bong isnt a tolerance break.. your gonna be baked lol thats about it...
    gravs are dirty anyway, a nice glass bong can give you as big a hit and it wont taste like shit
  10. Are you gonna do a water fall or a GB with a bucket?
  11. Theyre virtually the same thing.
  12. To me a GB bucket hits wayyyyy harder than waterfalls, the way you get the smoke is the same idea but setup is completely different.
  13. Want to elaborate?

    The way i always thought of each was this:
    waterfalls: waterbottle filled with water, packed bowl, let water flow like a waterfall out of a whole in the bottom

    bucket: waterbottle with cut off bottom in reservoir, raise water bottle to burn bowl

    They work off the EXACT same principle: gravity, and a vacuum using water.

    I use a reservoir when in my waterfalls to catch and reuse the water, so they end up being literally the same thing for me... the only difference is buckets have full cutouts where waterfalls have a single/few holes.

  14. Yeah but gravity bongs are WAY more convenient.

    Waterfall you have to fill, drain, fill, drain. Fuck that just do a gravity.

    Better yet fuck all that and smoke out of a real bong.
  15. One big hit off my buddy's gravity bong and I was done. Highest I've been in a while. And I've got a pretty good tolerance too.
  16. You're just going to get high in less hits. I use mine if I want to smoke and leave my house in 5 minutes. It's not going to space cake you unless you just smoke excessively.
  17. You must not have seen my other post, you can just have a reservoir for waterfalls and they become the same as buckets... all inconveniences out the window.

    I agree though, im a bong man myself.
  18. I know it's the same principal I'm just saying there 2 diffrent set ups. The bucket one you cut a milk jug or whatever you want and light the bowl at the top of the milk jug and slowly pull the jug out of the water, all I'm saying is that there to different setups.

  19. The main difference between waterfall and gravity bong isn't the concept of how it works, because both are the same, but rather how you hit it. A waterfall you just stand there and inhale at your own force of will, but a gravity bong has a lot more push to it if you force it down hard enough. I for one find waterfalls more convenient just because I hate finding a bucket, then something to set it on, then having to bend, and then I am taller than everyone else, Waterfall you just light, let it flow, hit it.
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  20. see i make my waterfalls like that, which is why i was confused.

    k THIS is what i was looking for... i forgot people pushed down with buckets to force it into the lungs, thats the only difference. I never liked doing this and actually never did this while hitting buckets. I just hit them like waterfalls. Probably a reason for my confusion...

    I may resurrect my old waterfall (w/ reservoir :p) setup seeing as im trying to cut back. In my opinion nothing beats waterfalls/buckets for conserving...

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