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  1. what's your opinion of G-13 seeds? they have a new strain I want to try but I have never grown any thing of theirs. has any one tried their seeds? was their description close to what it grew out to?

    this is the one I'm looking at.
    G13 Labs Blueberry Gum Feminized
  2. id go for it, most of their strains have not so good of results but not bad either.

    quite good tasting from what i read

    the bg is the only one id consider, because there arent reports yet
  3. I knew someone who grew it. Turned out amazing too, tall, bushy, I think he yielded about an ounce. He also grew indoors, that site says they grew theres outdoor. Either way, it all depends on he grower, ya dig?
  4. I am an experienced hydo grower in doors ;) so if it's close to what they say it is I think it would be great. I have just never grown anything from them and want to know if they normally have quality genetics. :cool:
  5. Most people on here would tell you that G-13 sucks but then there are people who pulled off decent grows from Pineapple Express and their Gigabud, I for myself wouldn't grow seeds from them just because of all the negative reports, I'd say a majority of the people on here would say G-13 seed "go straight to the bird feed" but then who knows until you try for yourself right?

  6. Thanks. if they are that bad i'm not going to waste the time. I don't like buying fem seeds anyway. I'm not in a hurry as I still have some seeds I just got that I need to grow. so I will just keep looking. ;)
  7. G-13 Seeds has overwhelming negative reviews (as does Greenhouse Seed Co, only a small portion of their customers actually get something worth smoking. Some people would have you believe otherwise but the proof is in the pudding, you don't get that many negative reviews without doing something wrong.). Your best bet is to just stay away from "Feminized" seeds, they're unpredictable and are more often than not produced by people who are not breeders or connoisseurs but businessman. :wave:
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    If you ordered today from attitude you could get that for free instead of paying for it and get a few more seeds.. The promo ends tomorrow though so you'd have to hurry.. Just ordered mine yesterday.. Ordered barney's farm lsd and red dragon and recieved 6 free.
    Freebies... Kandy Kush, Pineapple express, Blueberry gum.. then the usual ones rotate so I wouldn't be able to tell you which ones you would get, but I got the sourcream, sharksbreath, and lemon skunk..

    This way you could try blueberry gum, but you can also get something more guarenteed as well like the barney's farm seeds I ordered.. I've heard nothing, but good things..

    Goodluck man
  9. I want to try his blue moon rocks! And I like G13 labs so far they are 2/2 for me with a VERY nice raw d and the widow is coming on strong as we speak!!:hello:
  10. The REAL G-13 is a clone only strain that was grown by the government loooong ago. Don't believe ANYONE who tells you they have G-13 seeds. It's all marketing hype (lies).
  11. He is talking about G-13 labs the breeding company.
  12. i've grown 3 g13 labs freebies outside, all ended being real shitty compared to the other stuff. There is so many venders out there its dumb to buy G13 LABS or GHS

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