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    The Fuzz here to welcome you to my very first outdoor grow. I’ve been growing indoors for the past 3 years and now im feeling the outdoors due to my current situation.(moved back in with my parents to finish college) so here goes

    Ok so its just bag seed this year b/c I have a jar full and I don’t think my parents would like packages from the Netherlands or what have you. They’re normaly very heavy indica strains, any other time I’ve sprouted them
    I was driving by a nursery/garden supply one day when I decided to for sure grow outdoors so I pulled into the place and got:

    1 large bag of farfard organic seaweed and shrimp compost
    1 large bag of farfard forest compost
    1 spray bottle of some organic insecticide it says it kills over 100 bugs
    1 spray bottle of hot pepper wax(because im knee deep in deer country)

    Then I already had or acquired

    gallon grow bags
    1 gallon grow bags
    A folding military shovel(HUGE HELP I SUGGEST EVERYONE GET ONE)
    Fox farms dry acid loving nute mix
    A 7+ gallon pot and plastic pots for fruit trees
    Trimmers and all the rest of that misc. shiznit

    My spot is prolly 6x8 + a little space here and there and it is in the middle of a giant ring of raspberry bushes 7 feet tall in order to get into it you must walk through a marsh to enter a small forest wind through the woods and then crawl through a tunnel in the prickers made by deer that I have made a door for by cutting down a large pricker bush and stuffing it in the tunnel.

    My spot also comes equipt with a raspberry canopy to hide under and a stash spot for all of my supplies under another very low raspberry bush and a still alive fallen down tree which allows me to climb up and check out whats going on around me without being seen ALSO the closest road to it closes at night and theres path from that road to my house so it makes it pretty convenient for bringing supplies out.

    There are plenty more full sun spots around that area but this one is the absolute stealthiest place ever and concidering all the punk kids in my neighborhood building forts and whatnot I think im just going to stick with my little grow spot for now.

    I planted 6 and deer (or maybe a fox)came out(before I had my door) and pulled up 3 bags so I have 3 3 week olds right now and my next set of seedlings just popped. I ran out of half gallon bags so today I dug for and put out 5 more 1 gallon grow bags with the seaweed shrimp soil upping my total number to 8 (once I put the new seedlings in)

    Its been slow growing here due to the rain(I think)and my 3 week olds are only on there 2nd leaf set but im prayin for sun lol So I was really worried about how id harvest and dry and out of the blue my mom tell me shes going on a cruise September 28-october something or another so that should be fine

    im concidering experimenting with flavors this season…prolly with strawberry concentrate only on one plant then I will prolly water cure that single plant just for experimental purposes. Well I guess that’s it next time I go out I will take pics of the tunnel/my door the size of the plot my 3 week olds and what ever else lol

    Good luck and happy growing

    The FUZZ
  2. hey gc! hope everyones doing well, i went out today to go take pictures and put in the new seedlings.

    does anyone have any experience with deer? particularly bucks, because today and many other times ive gone out to my grow and theres this buck that huffs at me like really loud and he stomps around and huffs for like 5 minutes and stomps away huffing and i dont mean like a deer sneeze or something lol this is comparable to an elephant lol it is unmistakably pissed at me and i was just wondering if anyones ever had problems with bucks being too territorial? my garden now has a door on it so he cant get into it but i just dont want to be found dead some day filled with antler holes because i came at the wrong time for the buck lol.

    my plants are doing well there still short lol but they seem pretty healthy to me one has a couple of bug bites but nothing to be worried about i just think im going to wait a little while before applying the organic insecticide.

    so this pic is of my stash spot under a low pricker bush its a little breifcase deal that i put a plastic bag over to keep out the rain...this had made it real easy because i can bring out my tools as i need them and from then on theyre 2 feet away
    tomatos 001.jpg

    this next one is my tunnel into my spot the rasberry bush on the right is part of my door but i hook it on a tree to get in
    tomatos 002.jpg

    this is my plot all the way in the back is my canopy to get out of the sun and away from helos and eat my lunch and smoke a j
    tomatos 006.jpg

    and from here on out its plants...again theyr just bag seed here is 3 and the other grow bags just got seedlings today
    tomatos 003.jpg
    tomatos 004.jpg
    tomatos 005.jpg
    tomatos 008.jpg
    tomatos 007.jpg
    and this last one is just some random shit from under my canopy u cant really see the way out or the other area in my plot but u can c the grow bags and how i pinched them all in that back wall for now.

    well thanks for stoping by sorry its nothing crazy yet but i wont let you guys down

    happy growin

    the fuzz
  3. hey guys, today and pretty much the next week straight was/is thunderstorms...when i transplant im definately going crazy with perilite and rocks for drainage,
    its my first outdoor grow so im figuring it out as i go but i definately think that would be a big help i will also put in slug rings.

    i went out today and the growth from sunday or when ev those pics are from was unbelievable it looks like they got over what ever was slowing them down. the second biggest plant was very very chewed up by bugs when i came out today so i decided to apply the pesticide after all. it looks like my seedlings were eaten up as well so im concidering starting some inside...but idk its still just a thought.

    i keep forgetting to ask and they dont seem to be doing anything bad but there are more rolly pollys in my grow spot then i have ever seen in one place...so does anyone know if they can be harmful to my ladies?

    pics in a couple days...and im concidering changing the title to fuzz420s nobody cares grow lol have a good one guys
  4. Yo dude im still watchin bro. I care man. I thought youve done outdoors before? Or you either had a different journal that had outdoor and indoor.
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    lmao im embarrassed this got bumped lol long time no see! yeah this was last season lol i just finished this years journal but deleted it lol im bad at being on the internet...and it wasnt really journal worthy next year will be worth sharing lol i got the grow of the week whatnot for it which was cool but idk i didnt have many questions and the ones i had went unanswered and sometimes i just say the stupidest shit lol so i shut 'er down for the winter lol

    i came out of it all with maybe a total of 7-8 ounces and ive already smoked a good 4 ozs lol but all in all im satisfied...i sacrificed full sun for full stealth and i came out of it with weed unlike some people who did the opposite...next year il be growing on the other side of the country :-D and il be growing a hell of a lot bigger...unless i get a medical card then im puttin 6 beasts in kiddy pools lol but i have an ounce of la woman an ounce of sour cream and an ounce of skunk#1 all jarred up for the roadtrip/move lol so il be buying weed again soon :-( lol this time through i learned a lot about drying and harvested slow so i could tweek it for progressively better results

    i gave all my lights and stuff away to a kid who just started, as to lighten the load on the move so im looking for a new hobby this winter lol idk what im gunna do but i have plans for a ballast steered submersible that can tilt in any direction based on the movement of air through tanks lol(theoretically of caurse lol) which id make out of pvc...and id love to control it by psp lol.....or maybe il just make a longboard lol

    whats going on with you? any plans for next year?
  6. Actually me and a buddy of mine were planning on doing an indoor in his garage this winter. People come in his garage to smoke though and some of them steal shit. The garage is luckily divided into 2 sections though so were going to lock one section up and me and him will be the only one with the keys. Dont worry i trust him though weve been friends for awhile. Were in the process of getting some money by making large amounts of Iso hash from shwag and makin mad profit. Cuz i have a hookup where i can get an 0 of schwag for 20 bucks. Thats where were gonna pay for lighting. Another issue we have is heat..it gets pretty cold here in the winter and the garage isnt insulated or heated from the house so we were thinking maybe a space heater. Another problem we have is the side of the garage we have to use doesnt have a window. What do you think? do you think circulation would still be good if we used a fan as well as a space heater. As it his house if im not there then he would take care of the grow for me as for watering and watever else. What do you think man? Any pointers? Also no one who came in would know about the grow.
  7. And oh yeah my dumbass didnt even look at the date. Or i woildve known it was last years. my bad.
  8. nice man! sounds great! well theres tons of youtube videos on how to set em up but if your running hps you should be cool till flowering imo those bitties get HOT lol i mean dont waste the money until you need it lol i bought so much crap i never used...i finaly gave away my ozone emitter lol and as far as ventilation goes unless you plan on filling the place it shouldnt be that much of an issue if he understandably doesnt want to go cutting any holes which is why i got an ozone emitter lol but if your going balls to the wall with it then it would be much more efficient to suppliment the grow with some co2 the cheapest way tho would just be to mcguiver yourself an intake lol other than that id definately get a good fan and try to find a way to keep your water warm.

    look up diy everything you will save so much you can make a carbon filter from a screen and vent ends and cover it in the carbon cover for ventilation you can get the dewalt blower and modify it as per the tutorials on gc and so on but if theres anything id have to suggest it would be a good hydro setup the waterfarm 8 pack or something because when it comes down to it and you want to get as much bang for your buck your really just trying to perfect your gram per watt ratio if you dont listen to me at least stock up on soil because once it starts snowing you cant find a decent soil anywhere lol oh yeah and for a dollar at walmart they have safety blankets in the camping section those make great mylar substitutes :-D...if it isnt mylar already lol

    good luck witht the hash making! id try all the different methods to see which is the best :-D you could even make a journal about it people would dig that shit good luck man!...also with the indoor hook me up with some pics :-D
  9. i like the hawk feather in the back there.
    or perhaps its a turkey or vulture.

    I just see them around everytime i go back east.
  10. lol yeah i have a bunch of hawk feathers and i started collecting those only to realize they werent hawk lmao so i look em up and theyre turkey feathers like u said lol but yeah theyre everywhere lol the turkeys sleep in the trees there by the flock and if you go at sunset your bound to be shat on lol my neighborhood is completely infested most mornings you cant drive down my road because theres so many damn turkeys lol you dont see them out west? im moving to oregon in 2 months....it will be a welcome change lol but my dog might miss chasing them
  11. none back here in colorado.
    we got quite the elk population though.

    over 2,500 in my town. so much so that licenses are being sold to keep the numbers down!

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