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Discussion in 'General' started by goopygem, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. i must be a very dumb pothead coz I can't fuckin' get my ifuturola cigarette roller to work. i can roll a decent j by hand, but the roller seems so easy. but i can't figure out how exactly to work it: i've looked on the instructions on the grasscity website, and i've asked a few ppl, but nobody knows how to use it. plz help meeeeeeeeee!!!!:(
  2. go to www.grasscity.com and watch the futurola video. it shows a guy rolling a j with a futurola.

  3. I HIGHLY doubt it. The price seems right for a single futurola. I've seen single futurolas listed on lotsa different sites, they always range from like 9 to 20 dollars.

    Theres no way ur gonna get 5 for 13 bucks.

    EDIT: ...plus, as I look again, i'm not even sure that there are different sized futurolas. That might just be the way the picture is done to show the different colors. I've never seen a size selection offered on any other site. And even grasscity only allows u to select the 5.5cm size. I will agree, the picture is a bit misleading!
  4. alright, put the front on the roller facing you.

    pack with weed, fold up the roller (you should be pushing the part closest to you away from you and up to meet the back piece)

    the put your thumbs overtop of both rollers, and pull it towards you so the sheet does a little spinnery doo through the hole set up. then stick the bottom of a rolly facing you into the slot on the top.

    give it another spinnery doo to drop the rolly down, lick the rolly, and finish it off.

    pop out your dooby! dont give it too many spins or itll be overly tight.

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