Future plans for a grow room. Thoughts?

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  1. After much research, I have found a way to have constant crop (9 plants every 2 weeks). How this works, is once I have a veg room and a blooming room. In the veg room, I have a mother plant, of which I take clones out of and let veg for only 2 weeks. (That seems kind of low but the guy in the video I watched seemed to think it was good) then you move those 9 into the budding room, and create more clones for veg. Then in the budding room, you have 4 sections, and you switch sections every 2 weeks, so 8 weeks total. After the last section is done, you move them all up one and add in your plants from veg. Just want to here thoughts on this. I have grown once before but can't in my current living position. I know all about nutrients and watering and all that stuff. How much light will I need? I'm thinking a 400w will be enough for veg, and maybe 2- 400w for blooming room? Thanks for any input. Also if you have any questions or I missed something, let me know! Thanks!
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    Also, I having picked a strain to grow, I always enjoy picking of the strains. I use attitude seed bank, and only females. My plan is to get 3-4 seeds and germ them, and making the best 1 or 2 the mother plant (s) to collect clones from. It will be months before I am able to do this, but I love to look ahead and know exactly what I need and gotta do! Also, I'd like to share a couple photos of my last grow, with my uncle who screwed me over in the end. We had a 3x4, 9 plants, white widow x bigbud, and sharksbreath. It was amazing quality, but I only ended up with enough for me to smoke off a couple months, he took the rest and sold it. I can't share the photos, I believe I need more posts first. Thanks again!
  3. just go into ( more reply options) for pics .
  4. Its working now, before it said it was disabled by administrator. They aren't in order. The one with biggest buds is 2 weeks until harvest. That one was white widow. uploadfromtaptalk1390530527801.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1390530579585.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1390530598164.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1390530611104.jpg Sent from my P9070 using Tapatalk

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