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Future of Pandora's box

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Volcano South, May 20, 2010.

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  1. So according to the two of you, you would have a problem if I were to talk about heroin, and you would have a problem if I talked about morphine. But you would not have a problem if I talked about morphine as long as I ONLY took it straight from a poppy pod?

    Also, perhaps if people simply followed the rules:
    There would be less problems, and no legal issues.

    Additionally, for those who want to speak of weed related only issues perhaps they should read what it says under that box:

  2. But with DMT you can just make ayahuasca. Then it's au naturale. Just boiling some leaves down ;)

    But yes, please, for the love of God, if you're going to get rid of anything about the Box please let it be the DXM and DPH talk.
  3. The more I think about it the firmer I am feeling about this. Just the Plant. There are other places online to talk about shrooms and opium, although yes I think pure opium is natural since it's just the latex of the pods.

    EDIT: ayahuasca is the only way I do DMT

  4. Shit, that's not where I was trying to go with this thread lol. I'm just against DXM and DPH really. Haters gonna hate and painters gonna paint.

    A lot of good dialogue comes from this forum, and I'll go ahead and agree with Jamtastic, a lot of good dialogue comes from the benzo and opiate threads. However, may be personal opinion and personal effects, but goddamn does the opiate thread make me want to nod the fuck out.

    We've lost, by death and choice some great members from the box because the box reminds them of substance abuse. Barnkis is one of them. MajorStoner could be classified another if you know his story.
  5. You're hardcore motherfucker!!!! :metal: Truth. Smoking it is crazy enough for some people but an 8 hour trip where you barely know your name is something completely different.

    I would <3 to do ayahuasca with you and lukas
  6. I hear you V South, but how do you pick and choose? By toxicity? By additiveness? I dunno.

    All these kids doing salvia really piss me off because it's put it on the Government's radar. Soon I'll be growing TWO illegal plants. Well three sometimes. Once in a blue moon I grow poppies. Haven't grown shrooms in years.
  7. As a parent and 'older' member of the community (of life), I see the wisdom of hindsight and learning from past mistakes. I've seen what continued, even first time use of some of the hardcore drugs can do. Luckily I stopped doing them, my body probably couldn't handle the intensity anymore, and I feel in somewhat good health physically and mentally.

    Being part of this online community sure makes me feel better about growing weed, and if the users and abusers of the harder stuff feel good about using them because they are part of an online community that discusses and 'appreciates' the harder drugs, then I feel it's a bad thing and a casts a dark shadow on the rest of the city.

    Just my opinion of course, I respect others but have a bad view on those drugs despite my love for grass.
  8. that's the problem i have with the whole thing..

    personally i think it should be all or nothing..

    who are we to say what's a harmful or harmless drug and what should and shouldn't be discussed?

    i think LSD is harmless.. some folks would think that's insane of me to say that.. i just think there are too many variables involved to allow certain things and not allow others.

    that's my .02 on this anyway.
  9. There is always going to be something that reminds them of substance abuse.

    Lets look at this as an analogy with cigarettes. Many people have died from cigarette smoke, and perhaps second hand smoke. So now there are LIMITED places to smoke. Just as there are limited places to talk about other drugs (Pandora's Box). Many people have successfully quit smoking, however, walking by someone else smoking may make them want to smoke (even though the person smoking, is smoking is in a designated smoking area). Going by that logic we should ban smoking from anywhere, anyone else can see it, that way no ex-smoker may walk by and pick up smoking again. In this case, we'll allow the discussion of other drugs to PM's and invite only groups, which defacto would not allow the conversation because how would you know who to talk to?

    Also, just as some people may have harm from the box, what about this therad:

    How about the users, like myself, who find it relieving and HELPFUL to discuss my addiction with others on this board, on a board that I've been a community of for a long time, and have built friendships with. That actually helps me NOT relapse, however, by the logic of those in this thread, the addiction thread should be eliminated also. And I would post the PM from ReformMaryJaneLaws regarding that thread, but that's breaking the rules, however, she allowed the thread because she thought it would HELP people.
  10. That's how I tend to think.

    Were I to start a forum on these topics I'd do cannabis, shrooms, salvia (the plant NOT extracts) and other natural substances, but again as I said this is Grasscity.
  11. Yeah I agree with removing those from the forum. I dont have problem with pills taken for a reason but not rec use and definitely not abusing them to get opium or heroin from them. I know too many people hooked on pills and hooked on smoking them. Real shame and stupid imo.
  12. Pills prescribed for a reason are another matter but also one that's not on topic for Grasscity. WebMD would be a better place :laughing:
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    I agree...and I think it's pretty clear what the city thinks so far..

  14. Yeah agreed. I was just clarifying my stance on it. Definitely no place for its discussion here. :)
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    Which makes this post hypocritical.(Based upon the way you wrote your post) You have a problem with people taking pills for recreational value, but you smoke weed, which also has a medical purpose.

    So you can justify in your mind smoking weed recreationally (a drug that does has medical value) but other drugs of medical value (pills) cannot be taken recreationally.

    Edit: Also, as below if you smoke weed for medicial purposes, that clearly changes the argument, but the whole site isn't about medical.

  16. Which makes you illiterate* because he clearly said taking pills for a reason, meaning I assumed a medical reason, which also wouldn't belong here because it has no bearing on cannabis or recreation.

    *I don't really think you're illiterate, just illustrating a point since you called him a hypocrite. There is a reason you need a prescription for most of those pills. All of them can kill you if you OD for one thing. You cannot say that about cannabis.

    EDIT: Also, cannabis should be fully legal. Green tea has medicinal properties as well, etc. Artificial pills have their place but they can be very, very dangerous if abused.

  17. I never said I even take pills so you are making assumptions now. My wife has cancer and I grow for her for her medical reason many members here who know me very well can vouche for that. I smoke for medical reasons myself. I dont need to justify anything to you, not worth my time.
  18. this isn't the box... so chill dude. He's offering an opinion and your talking to him like he posted this in the opiate appreciation thread..
    this is the general feedback forum.

    if this becomes a back and forth flame thing.. then the thread is getting closed.
    the conversation has been really good so far.. so let's keep it that way.
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    Which doesn't make me illiterate in any sense. I said nothing illogical or wrong in the statement I post. If he had phrased his statement the way you had, the bold part included, then it would be a different case. However, based upon my analysis of his post, and the way he phrased it, it is hypocritical.

    I'm not trying to create a flame war, I edited the post, and showed how I thought it was hypocritical based upon the way it was posted. Not to be an insult.

  20. It's fine to defend your position on a topic, but name calling is a bit much don't ya think?

    This is another thing that you find in the box in the drug threads that we're discussing, the appreciator's don't take kindly to other members of the forum asking questions - in the controversial section of the forum - and are jumped and told the GTFO regularly.

    bottom line is hardcore drugs kill people daily, and having the information on GRASScity readily available for people that OD and kill themselves doesn't seem like it would be in the best interest of the business owner or the members of this community.

    Marijuana does not kill people.

    And we are all entitled to our opinions.
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