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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Volcano South, May 20, 2010.

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    I support this.

    I think that some of the threads, the opiate and benzo thread may've actually caused some members harm through relapse. The more and more I think there are plenty of places to discuss other drugs and the likelihood of misinformation is lower on those sites due to tigher regulation and stronger drug knowledgeable moderation teams.

    However, DXM is not a psychedelic. Please do not allow DXM and DPH threads.

    I really support this.
  2. i agree psychadelics are ok but the other stuff we dont need on our site.
  3. I love the box but at this point I could care less if it was gone completely. It would probably be better for me seeing as then I cant go into the opiate appreciation thread and see everyone so high and then make me reminiss (sp) on the old times when I was using.

    However I think trip reports and what not should still be aloud it. Maybe they could make a subforum for psychodelics and trip reports.
  4. Damn I think drugs like DXM, MDMA & psychedelics should be allowed....

    Not the opiate & benzo ones though...that's just my opinion.
  5. There are worse things than shooting up or doing a line. I say take it or leave it. There are other sites for psychedelics as well, maybe grasscity should be grasscity.
  6. I don't like your poll, becuase it doesnt explain what "hardcore" drugs are to the voters.

    Some people think that mushrooms are "hardcore" compared to Cannabis.

    Some people think that ayahuasca is "hardcore" compared to Mushrooms.

    Some people think Coke isn't hardcore, compared to herion...

    If you want an accurate poll on the discussions of a certian group of drugs, it would be nice if you actually listed them ;)
  7. Rummy said psychedelics, I'm going along with her: LSD, MDMA, Mushrooms and various analogues of such.

    Heroin (opiates, even down to Vicodin), Cocaine, PCP are hardcore
  8. Ahhh okay then yes I support this for sure. Get rid of the 'hardcore' ones.
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    I think if there is any hope of making weed socially acceptable and decriminalized then we really need to disassociate our cannabis community from hardcore users.
    Having hardcore drug threads allowed leads to;

    *more users registering for the sole reason to post in Pandora’s, where immaturity then runs over to the rest of the board.

    *supports detractors argument that cannabis is a gateway drug – new naïve smokers here read Pandora threads too and even if they are smart enough to know that hardcore drugs are bad they shouldn’t have to sift through garbage. A random visitor to the site draw their own conclusions.

    *the credibility of the site is weekend for those who are actually trying to further the promotion of cannabis. If I was a professional (judge, lawyer, advocate) surveying this forum deciding whether to join, having a hardcore usage/addiction section would make this whole place off limits.

    I think of this place the way I would think of a coffeeshop / dispensary except with a lot more people – like a big Cheers with potheds. Pandora’s Box has become that dark closet where junkies are shooting up and crushing things to snort and it didn’t used to be that way. In a coffeeshop/dispensary it would be easy to identify the negatives from having a dark closet like that.
    I can only argue that as potsmokers, we can only hope for greater transparency to using cannabis socially and medicinally.
  10. Well I don't know how Pandora's used to be before...but people shooting up and snorting or whatever else they do ...or as they call it "appreciating"...should def. not be allowed imo. If they do it, so be it, but I don't think that kind of stuff should be posted in the city.

    The fact of the matter is, some smokers do experiment with other drugs. I think as long as it isn't hard drugs (like VS showed examples of previously) they should be allowed. And I think RMJL should take what ACole420 into consideration...he is an ex user and threads like opiates/benzos are dangerous because like he said, it makes him reminisce.

    I really don't see anything wrong with the mushroom, lsd, MDMA, and other non hardcore drugs threads though. Lots of people are usually asking for advice from people who have done it before or just post experiences (reports), etc. Don't see anything wrong with those kinds of posts :)
  11. Good point, I agree with this and Rummy's suggestion. It could only do good from what I see.

  12. It's a slippery slope, and personally I have don't have a problem with the psycadelics. That being said, if anyone who was seriously interested in learning about psychoactives I would not start here on GC. It seems that most people agree that drugs that cause the user to develop a chemical dependency are the worst. When I think of mdma, mushrooms, lsd I don't associate them with chemical withdrawls.
  13. I voted that they should not be allowed. We don't need kids coming to GC trying to get high off whatever pills they swiped from the bathroom cabinet. Obviously there are responsible users, but as IceCreamKidd says, we should disassociate cannabis use from hard drugs.
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  14. i do not partake in the actions that go on inside pandoras box, i agree with the recreational use of psychedelics, but i disagree with the harder drugs, such as meth, heroin, coke, pharmaceuticals, etc. i thought about this for a second and realized, this forum is called GRASScity, not drugcity or anything of the like, marijuana in my eyes is not a drug, drugs fuck you up and are bad for you mentally and physically, marijuana is a plant, and i have never seem the ill side effects from smoking it, as opposed to hard drugs, anyways enough rambling, i think that pandoras box should be removed or extremely limited to psychedelics to stop promoting the use of hard drugs and stop bringing that crowd into our forums.:smoke:
  15. Yeah meth sucks too. Let's leave meth out as well

  16. ICK makes good and important points.

    I say this:

    We restrict discussion of the hard stuff, at least on a temporary basis. See how it goes.

    If people want to discuss hard drugs there are plenty of other sites other there to use. They can join those sites as well. This site has a focus on marijuana.

    After a temporary experiment we may find that the ban is good, we may find it is bad, we may find we want to go further and restrict all non-mj discussions.

    As it stands now, I feel that there are a great many arguments in favor of at least a temporary restriction, and very few against such a restriction.

    When I go down the list of all the forums and sub-forums here at GC, I can say to myself how each one adds to the community in some fashion. Except for Pandora's box. What, precisely, is it at adding to the community? Right now it's basicly just a dumping ground for threads that probably should be deleted anyways.
  17. I support banning opiates/narcotics/methamphetamines/research chemicals threads. Or turning PB into a strictly psychedelic sub-forum.

    I also think a name change is in order if the decision is permanent.
  18. I would love to see a Pandora's Box full of nothing but psychedelics and ethnobotanicals (as 'other drug' discussions go)

    PLEASE get rid of the threads on DXM and DPH. There are too many people here who give out blatant misinformation about the 2 substances, despite the fact that there are TONS of sites which spell out the best way to use these substances.

    Likewise, I don't think the discussion of 'harder' drugs like heroin or meth need to go on here...and neither do the posts about "how do I fool my doctor into giving me adderall" or some shit like that. There are enough forums out there for that kinda talk, if you need information.
  19. Most know how I feel. Psychedelics ar efine and kind of go hand n hand with MJ, however drugs like herion, meth, cocaine, to me are just a waste of life and people on here seem to make it sound cool, which I feel is a risk and is detrimental to the GC community as a whole.
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    Maybe we could even start a psychedelics subsection of the forums, wipe Pandora's box clean (by this I mean move existing useful/relevant threads to the psychelics subsection) and then have Pandora's box back for what I believe the original intent was: talking about realllllyyyyy weird shit :D

    I have to be honest though, pickup threads in Pandora's box are kinda sad:

    "Check out the 5 xanax bars I just scored"

    "Just picked up some Suboxne from my doctor!!!!!"

    Seeing things like sheets of acid, freshly picked (or growing!!!) mushrooms and beans is still very cool. Those are all, in a sense, unique pieces of art. Pharmaceuticals are not.
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