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Discussion in 'General' started by C-Style, Jun 1, 2002.

  1. I believe this country is headed in a downward spiral for the following reasons:

    1. We have India and Pakistan and the whole terrorist thing occupying all of our time and effort day in and day out.

    2. While we are all worried about what's going on in the WORLD, no one is paying attention to what's happening HERE.

    3. A girl had an anti-Bush poster in her room and was interrogated by the FBI.

    4. A man protesting during a Bush speech was arrested for "heckling."

    What does all this mean? The government is using everyone's fear to slowly take away our freedom's to make a "safer" America.

    Just a few minutes ago on MSNBC I saw an Army official speaking about how the FBI has stepped up their "Invasion of Privacy" (I call it that) and that American's should just be happy with all of our other freedom's and not worry about the FBI watching us.

    BULLSHIT! Democracy is losing. I mean, take a look at California. Medical Cannabis won the vote, yet the gov't has no respect for people or their votes. It's not about what the people want anymore, it's about the gov't political interests.

    Instead of moving forward in this country with the decriminalization of Marijuana, we are moving backwards and losing our freedom's one by one.

    Slowly but surely we are going to lose all of our freedom because of this damn "terrorism" bullshit, which I am beginning to believe that the US was behind the whole thing, just so they could have a front for the destruction of the Constitution and the transformation of our democracy into a oligarchy, where America eventually falls under the rule of a select few under the guise of a free and democratic country.

    The worst is yet to come.

  2. C-Style, I completely agree with you. We, as a country, are losing our rights, and at this point in our lives (because of 9/11) we are willing to make sacrifices of our personal freedoms in order to induce a (false?)sense of security. But how far does this go, how far do we allow our rights to be modified and revised, before we say STOP?

    Can we no longer disagree with the president and/or his views/actions without potential of getting arrested? Your instances of arresting those who oppose Bush are not the first, nor the only instances I have heard of. I beleive he is using Sept 11th and his antiterrorism kick to allow the US to be "his way or the highway," harassing and/or arresting those who take a stand against his views. If we disagree with him, we're not a patriotic citizen, or even worse, we ARE a terrorist threat.

    Did you hear about the military man who came home from Afghanistan because he got shot in the face, causing his jaw to be wired shot? He received the purple heart for his injury, and is required to carry wire cutters in case of emergency (if he gets sick to his stomach, etc). He couldn't board an airplane at SFO with his wire cutters, regardless of his military "hero" status, or his doctors' requirements. We are no longer human beings, our background does not provide us exceptions to our advantage. Common sense is thrown out the window and again "my way or the highway" is back into play.

    Thanks for posting your views, it's good to know others feel this way as well.
  3. We are losing our rights, but very slowly. If anything was to happen all of a sudden, then everyone would be taken aback and action would no doubt be taken in retaliation.

    People are already not in total control of their lives. Everyone says that you can make your own decisions of what's wrong and what's right, but how can you when someone else tell's you you are wrong. Not only that, they threaten you with various punishment, including imprisonment(being put in a cage and allowed daily times for you to roam in a pen with the other "animals" until it's time to be put back in your cage.)

    How is that right?

    The thing with the gradual loss of our rights is, no one is willing to step in and say anything, because when you do, you risk ruining your life(with the assortment of punishments). The average citizen isn't looking for trouble, with the gov't or anyone else for that matter, so we just sit back and hope things work out. With that mindset, America's citizens are defenseless against the gov't aggression against it's people.

    America is under attack. This is a non-physical attack on America's citizens, and there is barely any opposition. The losers of this war will be us. There needs to be a drastic change in the other direction, otherwise this gradual destruction of innocent people's freedoms will get to a certain point where it is too late to turn back, and to even speak against what is going on would be the very end of that individual's "free" life.

    Do we let it go that far? Is there anything we can do?
  4. P.S. I received a number of emails asking who I was, and where I came from.

    My parents were born in Turkey, I was born in Indiana.

    I lived in Indiana my whole life, and am a 19 yr. old Ball State University student in Muncie, near Indianapolis.

    My hobbies are partying, and partying, and trying to pass my classes.

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