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Future Government?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Superbeastdj, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. I've been watching lately.

    And I was just thinking..

    So many people are unhappy with the current government.

    So.. what would you say to the idea of joining together all the people who actually know that most of this country is corrupt shit and all the unnecessary things like pot being illegal...

    and starting a new government?

    either for this country, or we could go get our own.

    We are the people, WE ARE THE POWER. but the problem is most people these days dont care about government or the world or anything important, they are either homeless, making money in their white collar job or working check to check to make ends meet. or just watching tv.

    What if a million of us Americans (or outside of america too) banded together and demanded overthrow of the current govt???

    what if 10,000 of us marched on the white house with full body armor and m-16's???

    I'm 18 and just starting college and I've always achieved what I've aimed for in life..

    and every day I want to be able to change this world for the better even more, and I don't exactly know that a overthrow of the government would improve things, but it would certainly end the things that piss a lot of Americans off like pot being illegal and The REDICLOUS LEGAL SYSTEM.. fuck it.. I hate the thing.

    But really, I would be interested in starting this movement and seeing it through to completion later in my life.... and I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who would join me... because we all know.. Growing up to be a president wont change shit, One man cannot change anything in the political world, the majority wins, and we will never have the majority. the only way to turn this country around is a violent over throw, Democracy has "Worked" for a few hundred years but its not working anymore. the country is in a state of decline. and we all know this. the old government is simply out dated and obsolete.

    Seriously though, mad teen power talk aside, What are your opinions on this idea?
  2. Hah hah! Now you're on a government watchlist the rest of your life!
  3. Man i love this country to death but, its really gone to hell recently. I mean The governments been real suspicious about a bunch of shit... I would like to see a new government started up but in reality i really dont see how it could work... I mean we would have to have like 1/3, mabye even 1/2 of the USAs people on our side and thats like 100, 150 milion people... Can you gather that many people? Plus even if we did it would just be one big ass second civil war, with a fuckload of people dead. Do you want that, I dont....
  4. it sounds kinda good in theory but in practice is improbable. yea 10000 of us marching to DC with m16 would make a point but think of how many people their are in the marines alone ...

    i too am upset with our current govt but the best we can do atm is write our represenatives and vote for a better president. things will come together slowly but surely.

    also i agree with you about how this generation is lazy when it comes to protest. i mean come on the 60-70's they did some stuff but now we'd all rather smoke a bowl and be on our computers me included. why cause im a damn lazy american. but really i need to become more proactive

  5. A fuck load of people dead??????

    Have you been to Iraq?


    the streets of our citys?? the murder capitol of the world???

    Death happens, people will die, its just a fact of life.
  6. I'm just saying what everyone is thinking.
  7. Its been tried before. The government is way too strong. It will crush an armed rebellion of 10,000. First, the entire nation needs to get upset.

    Now is not the time.
  8. Yes but there are other aspects of it.

    if they simply dropped bombs on the march, the country would get extremely upset and demand change.

    so they couldn't do that.

    and if not now then when? its going to be to late eventually.
  9. the only problem is finding the million people to help fight with you. its not possible. you wont find 20,000 people to do that bc killing people is wrong. if you truley want peace you will find a way to take over with no violence at all. want a hint on what it is? the mass media.

    just like from the bond movie he used the media to manipulate people.
  10. It would work better to get a huge group of people to hop over the fence and have a peaceful sit in on the white house lawn. Make sure you have a large number of adorable children with you to deter altercations with the SS and to gain sympathy from the media. Higher a top notch photographer to capture some "moment's in time", you know, like a war orphan holding a sign that says Daddy isn't coming home or some such shit on the front steps of the white house. After that the people will be puddy in our hands...
  11. the media? I think easier said then done.

    besides, if I had 10,000 troops march on the capitol..

    I shouldn't have to kill anyone at all.

    i wouldn't take the first shot at least.

    but seriously the media? unless its a high speed chase, the general public doesn't care.

    and I doubt the government would let me get very far if I started to pose a threat to them anyway, I would be arrested and who knows what.
  12. No, I love America.

    Vote for Ron Paul if you want to save it.
  13. will Ron Paul help legalize weed?? :confused:
  14. You love America? Pfft, that's so passé.
  15. He'll help give power back to the states and most states would be likely to legalize for economic gain. If your state wasn't legal then you'd just have to drive a few states over to pick up some perfectly legal gangja.
  16. yea, good point on that, that would be kool doubt Pennsylvannia or New Jersey would be one of those states, only cause we have probaly the least open minded when it comes to marijuana, we got some pretty harsh penalties here too..yea states should have more power, federal shouldn't have so much of it, if it wasn't for them marijuana would be legalized in california and other states, just hope this guy is really different then all the rest of the sell outs in our government.
  17. Watched the entire movie link very informative, pretty alarmning and how the government lies bout everything ww1, ww2, vietnam, im convinced 9/11 was staged by our government as well to start wars in afghanistan,iraq all because the federal reserve was interested in making more money, and apparently by may 2008 every1 will be required to have federal id cards called Real ID, bar code with your personal information, but thats just the start which link to these chips with radio frequencys that track your every movement on earth, so everything you do is documted all your transactions, and you do something they don't like they'll turn off the chip and i had to no idea about north american union, and our currency will be amero to make a borderless community, which was never be approved by congress, all in big attempt to make a one world government where we lose our rights, and are constantly monitored everything will revolve this stupid chip, wow what i've learned from this war is nothing but a scam to make people have fear to help make money by the federal reserve and it only cost thousand people's lives, I leave with this quotes from Nicholas Rockefeller who have help corrupt this world and his entire family, very disturbing and anyways what happens when my chip gets turned off anyway if i protest their evil ways.

    N. Rockefeller:
    "By Having this War on Terror, You can never win win you can always keep taking people's liberties away..The Media can convince everybody that it's real."

    "The Goal is to get everybody in this World chipped with an RFID Chip"

    I may never watch the news again since its all controlled by the government...and covered up there lies, and having us beleieve in their story..thx for link, good movie.
  18. a goverment that is suspicious of its people, only serve themselfs not thier people. its a fact our govermental system is fucked. but superbeast you have to be dumb i mean look at what happened in the great depression a bunch of world war 1 vets marched on washington and some got killed beacause the goverment was scared of being overthrown. what somebody said in the forum is correct our best wepon is the media, what happened to americans revolting agaisnt the goverment when they imposed fucked up laws? where is our pride of freedom? i say our goverment is scared but thats just me! sorry about ranting it just came naturally

  19. how so when the govt controls the media?
  20. Does anyone here know anything about Anarchy and im not taking what the dictionary says but what it actualy is? becuse that is something i would like to see happen it would be wonderful.

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