Funny times while blazed

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  1. Any absolutely hilarious things happen 2 u when blazed maybe with your friends or by yourself here's mine that inspired this thread

    This happened 2 hours ago I smoked 4 bowls of some hiawian bud solo and 2 bowls of some DANK purple kush between me n 4 friends I was gone like dream like gone so were playing football and the qb goes ok here's what we do explaining the play normal then just bust out laughing outta nowhere so we all laugh 2 we get back finish the huddle laughing now r qb spent about a minute explaining this play 2 us so its HIS play he gets the ball and says "I forgot the play" and he's running around all frantic i didn't even try blocking cuz I was on the lawn dying of laughter it was the funniest thing I ever heard haha

  2. just let him tell his story man, fuck
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