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  1. well i work as a child support case investigator. i had a guy call me and let me know
    that he was very promiscuous and slept with alot of women and he may have some
    kids floating around out there. He wanted to know if we could keep his sperm on hand
    and if a girl came in not knowing who the father was, could we use his sperm and check
    to see if he the daddy. i told him we could not do that and he asked if we had a refridgerator and could keep it in there lol .i couldnt believe it. i hung up the phone and laughed my ass off. do you guys have any funny work stories???
  2. you guys are no fun :(
  3. One time we aired a story about a guy who lost his legs in the war and we showed him playing golf on his new high tech prosthetic legs.

    I direct the show so my headset is open to everyone and without thinking I was like

    "I wonder what his handicap is"

    That was followed by an awkward silence for a few seconds and then I heard a Camera Op open their headset and go "Boooooo"

    I thought that was pretty funny.
  4. wow

    guy seems very caring

    sign of the appocolipse?

    i think so
  5. lmao...good one
  6. Hahahahah

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