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Funny thing just happened to me ...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by T.Serpovich, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. well i live in a tourist town,

    its a mini-city beach community thing

    well the only wasy i can toke at home is wait till late ass at night and rip a bowl on the back porch

    (( i live in a second story apartment so im up high ;) ))

    or roll a J on my front porch.

    so i got this new batch and im itchin to try it. its about noonish here and i roll up my joint and head to the front porch

    now there is a shit ton of ppl in this town in the summer i think the population gor from 20,000 heads to like 400,000 in a seven mile long island.

    and im lighten my joint and startin smokin it like a cig just chillin and puffin.

    and i peek down and im seeing people every now and then start turning thier heads and saying shit and a couple people grinnin and i realize they are smellin me up here

    so im just chillin kinda grinnin to myself cause noone even knew i was up there

    any similar stories??
  2. lol where the hell do you live where the tourist population is 20 times greater than the number of residents in the summer???


  3. i live in jersey

    its a city where alot of people from a much larger city near here ;) , have summer homes and vacations and shit
  4. Sounds like a nice spot. Just make sure that none of those people are cops.;)
    I once went to this "Machine" (pink floyd cover) concert and during the intermittion I smelled a joint when people were smoking cigs outside. I was like HELL YEAH!!!

  5. ahh, i see.... try and hook up with one of them rich little ladies spendin the summer in their million dollar summer beach house :smoking:
  6. This sounds like a story, a real life story ;)

    Lol, yeah stuff like that is pretty funny. I love to fire one up just out of sight of people but within the reach of the smell to see people's reactions. And it's so easy to spot other stoners that way too :D
  7. Sometimes when I'm driving i can smell weed coming from other cars, it just cracks a smile on my face :]
  8. Me and my friends have got this spot under some beachhuts on the seafront. Once we was down there smoking a blunt and a joint and we heard these forigners on the beach saying stuff like 'ahh do you smell that its so strong .. cannabis!' and 'look at all that smoke coming up' eventually they wondered over and asked to buy some .. i said no but looking back i should have because i could have easily ripped off some desperate forigners.

  9. awww, come on man, that's not cool.
  10. its not abnormal for people to smoke joints during concerts

    rofl, that part cracked me up... cannabis!
  11. Do you live on long beach island? or long island. or what?
  12. Haha nice bro. It makes me laugh to myself when people know I'm smokin' or high. I don't even give a shit if I reek like pot walking into a gas station.

    Even though half the people going inside of a gas station to get food are ripped haha.

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