Funny teacher calls student ***** video

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  1. i think this is funnyy. just skip to like 2 30
    [ame=]YouTube - teacher calls student a 'nigga'[/ame]
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    hahahahahaha. that shit is hilarious. that's some boondocks shit right there when riley's grampa going on tv. fucking hilarious
  3. [ame=]YouTube - The Boondocks - Teacher calls student "nigga" Boondocks style[/ame]
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    "Can you lend a ni66a a pencil?"
    AHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! funniest shit ive seen in a while
  5. I actually back the teacher on this one. For one the other students are more than likely friendly with the ***** so they aren't going to say hes saying it first. The teacher doesn't seem to have any racial problem with black people. Hes just playing along with the fun.

    Words only have power when we give them power. Stop putting it down as such a bad thing, and it will lose its meaning, and power. Oh but its hurtful to that race, well the word will always be around so quit trying to banish it, and instead take away its power.
  6. Yeah, but you already know the kids are going to be playing the victim just for the hell of it. That stupid kid was trying to act all offended when I will be willing to bet a million that he's not only been called a ni66a before, but he most likely wasn't offended by it either.
  7. I swear I will never say use form of ***** again.... *****.

    Pretty sure he was purposely contradicting himself to point out how silly the whole situation is.
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    "can you lend a ***** a pencil?"


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