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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by CircuitKid, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. So I was at my friends house, and I hadnt seen him in a while and decided I was going to smoke him out. He had a hooka, but he broke it so we decided to make a bong (gatorade bottle, emptied pen, tinfoil, gum lol). So we started smoking and i think we smoked a little more than an 1/8th and we were pretty fuckin blazed. So im like "Ya im gonna take another hit" And since this bong was so ghetto you had to have two hands to hold this thing, so the other person had to lite it. So im like k light me up, and i put my mouth on it, and just blew as hard as I could , and all the sudden a perfect fountain of bong water just sprays all over his face. The funniest part tho is I like look up all suprised and he just has the FUNNIEST face on like hes all sad and shocked and his long shabby hair is just dripping. It was the most halarious thing, and we both just fell down laughing, and our bong broke in half :( Anywho it was a fun night.:smoke: :smoke:

  2. wtf?! haha, im not a violent guy, but i woulda whoped your ass :hello:
  3. that is hilarious, im glad you have a friend that could take that, cuz around here our bong water is nasty as shit and that would equal brawling.
  4. i burst out laughing when i read this lmao

  5. Hah yah, that shit is bong water :(
  6. lol thats something i deffently would have done if i was high my friend would have done the same thing too just start laughing. that hilarious.
  7. Face full of bong water. That would suck lol
  8. this kinda happened to me except all over my hands was smokin out of a bubbler when really high and was holding it sideways and the water was all over my hands it smelled like shit!!
  9. haha dude, that's funny.i once laughed when i was taking a hit and i let a ton of smoke escape :(
  10. lol something like that oncehappend to me and my friend were chilling in his garage and he made me laugh right win i light the bong and then water flew out the bowl and all over his shirt and my hand lol
  11. lol ya it was pretty funny, his expression was the best tho

    Luckily he isnt like that but ya, plus its hard to get heated for something like that when your blazed, whenever shit like that happens to me im just like DUUDE WTF Or watever dude your a bud.
  12. haha

    i once made my mate laugh into the bong while my other mate was sitting infront of him haha he also had bong water all over him
    haha funny times...
  13. ahh bong water to the face does not sound fun at all, nevertheless funny ass story man:smoke:
  14. woo man i read this like 10 times on accident and now that i am fucked up (i think it's laced bro) it all makes sense! haha nice stuff man ....bum bum...booombom

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