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  1. i guess i was like 16 and my friend was 15. by our old high school there was a "crack spot"... it was a cut in a fence in these little patch of woods in between the highway and houses. we had went there one day and i had dropped a deemo (ten) on the ground and couldn't find it. we go back 2 days later and are smoking joking about it.

    "wouldn't that be some shit if we found it"
    "some kid prolly found it and smoked it all"

    anyway my friend takes this long but thin tree branch and starts sweeping the ground. he was baked of course and it was funny, and wouldn't you know, we found the bag! we went nuts and rolled that shit up. went to blimpie got BLTS and went back to his house. shit was funny
  2. good shit bro!
    [​IMG] haha
  3. Karma.

    Good find/retrival.:wave:

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