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funny story

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by puertoricosuave, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Me and my friends were sitting around and one friend goes "hey what time is it?" My other friend looks at his bubbler and goes "this doesn't tell time dude." When we realized we laughed our asses off.
  2. sounds like you guys had some good shit.
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! go rot in a hole
  4. [quote name='"smr312"']sounds like you guys had some good shit.[/quote]

    Sooooooooo dank bro

  5. lucky. im out and waiting for my next coupple of pay checks to make a pick up :p
  6. thats a misleading title
  7. [quote name='"justatoruser"']thats a misleading title[/quote]

    What should it be then?
  8. That wasnt a story at all but I want what your smokin lol
  9. hahaha. Yeah, so erm, how was school?
  10. [quote name='"ilikeweedalot"']That wasnt a story at all but I want what your smokin lol[/quote]

    My guy says its mandala. I can't confirm it but its like the descriptions of it online so I don't doubt it.
  11. haha i laughed thats pretty funny
  12. i didn't lol but sounds like fun
  13. Silly kids, everyone knows bubblers can tell time, you just have to believe.

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