Funny story.. before i went to jail

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BlazeUp420, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Alright so about a month ago i got arrested and went to county jail for two days untill i had a video court thing in jail.

    Well im 18 and im living with my parents until high schools over.

    They rerally havent cared that ive been smoking in the last year so it suprised me when they called the cops on me one night while i was smokin a doobie in my room lol.

    But i go to my backyard too hid my weed and pipe and 2 seconds after i throw em under my back deck a cop is there sayin to stop and shit because they thought i was running away
    Well he takes me out front and theres cops runnin from all my neighbors yards asking if they found me lol. 4 squad cars. i wasnt even running away

    Well the power was also out that night and it was raining so i was getiing patted down against there car in the rain and then the most random funniest shit ever happened.

    A kid a year younger was just randomly driving on my street that night and hit a tree right in front of me while getting patted down haha. i couldnt believe what i just saw. i guess he was smoking k2 and still got charged for a OVI haha

    Anyways i went to jail for a couple days and im still waitin for court.

    But im also a rap artist so check out some of my music!!

    Lyrical_Homicide.mp3 - Hulk Share - Easy way to share your files - Lyrical Homicide
    roll it up
    lost my mind
    Fuck the snapback Kids


  2. damn at your own parents calling 911.
  3. Yea i didnt think my own family would do it. I really didnt think it was anywhere near worth calling the cops. especially family:confused_2:
  4. Shit my mom let the cops in when they went to raid my house for me even tho they didn't have a warnted.. if bitch didn't open the door I would have 6 less graffiti felonys haha parents wat u gunna do lol
  5. your in ohio right? its decriminalized here and you do not go to jail for it. i believe the rule is under 100 grams is a misdemeanor. anyways you hid the weed and shit did you get charged with other shit or what? cause ive seen people just get tickets for possesion.
  6. Oh shit i didnt even say why i got locked up. The Cop, not my parents, pressed fucking domestic violence charges which is an M1 misdemeanor and 250,000 bail. My parents said they didnt want me to go to jail but the cop still did. idk its fucked up how domestic violence can be charged when i never touched anyone. Its gonna get dropped but not till march and they gave me a damn 7 oclock curfew like im 10. some bullshit
  7. u r not a rap artist. everyone on GC knows a true rap artist would have killed his parents with his 9 milli the second they even picked up the phone to call the cops, then would have wrote a rap about how he did it and to cop his album he's droppin from prison lol
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  9. i gotta say it... that shit be CRAAAAZYYYYY
  10. What did you do to get the domestic violence charge?
  11. Nothing, you call the cops, they come out, someone gotta pay the bills.

    Cops are money hungry assholes.
  12. Lol Op, you joined GC when you were 16.
  13. haha. what you gonna do bout it now?? lol. nahh ive been 18 for a while now
  14. 2 years at 18 :p?
  15. Haha you 18 now I think the message is get out of my house if you wanna smoke dope lol
  16. Well your raps are Sick as fuck

  17. i know sarcasm is often times hard to detect on the interwebz.....but i know for a fact that this is indeed sarcasm :cool:
  18. I thought his raps are okay.

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