funny stories with ur significant other

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  1. I thought this was hilarious n I could not stop laughing! Anyways just started dating a girl a few months ago. She knew I toked, but she has never smoked before. Well one night we went camping n we joked around about how she'll leave me in the woods if I ever scared her. So I say "that's fine with me, as long as I'm with Mary Jane, ill be happy!"

    No response from her. Later on in the night things were getting heated in the tent ;) n I told her how happy I was.. this is what she tells me..

    "Oh ur happy with me now huh? Does that mean if ur not happy ur going to go run off with that Mary girl n leave me?!?"

    Confused, I ask.. who the heck is Mary n where did she come up with that name?

    She says "that mary girl u were talking about earlier. U said ull always be happy with her... Mary Jane I think is what u said...."

    I bust out laughing...n tell her its a slang for mairjuana... hahahaha :smoke:
  2. Hahahahah shit thats pretty funny.

    But c'mon, who doesn't know who Mary Jane is, and how was she not in love with it herself?
  3. LMAO wow thats just funny n yea i agree who dosent know that means mairjuana thanks for the laugh.

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