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funny stoner ideas for parody?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by burtontoker, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. I was thinking about making some kind of parody about stoners, just for fun. It'd feature someone dressed like your typical stoner, long hair, unshaved face, some hippy shirt and he'd take bong rips before every episode and basically just talk about random funny shit you would expect from a stoner.

    Anyone have any funny ideas this character could bring up? It'd basically be poking fun at all of us tokers, showing how people typically view those who smoke. I'm sure it would get some good laughs if I had some creative, funny ideas of stuff for the character to talk about. Each episode would be like 5-10 minutes long. :smoke:
  2. A good idea would be cooking with stoners. There's a set of videos on YouTube called Cooking with Chef Chaz, where they get really really drunk and then try to cook a big meal. [ame=]Drunk Cooking with Chef Chaz Episode 1 - YouTube[/ame]

    So just get uber stoned and then try to cook something like a chicken scampi, or homemade pizza, or something fun.

    EDIT: If you need help I am a chef and would be more than willing to participate.
  3. Lmao that's actually a great idea for an episode. The character (probably me) will get super chopped then try to cook something. I cook all the time when I'm high, so I'd have to dramatize it a lot and make the character seem so fucking high that he can barely stand up. I'll do some brainstorming on that one, thats a perfect idea. If you have any ideas of what I can try to cook, let me know.

    EDIT: I think I could try to teach people how to make mac and cheese. It'd probably be a failure and I'd just act like I was so stoned I'd forget ingredients and just fuck it up, that would be hilarious.

    Any others?
  4. Well if those "parodies" are ganna be on youtube, ill help you find some great ideas. Maybe discussing how football would be, if they had to hug somebody everytime they tackle them to show sportsmenship. And if the other team scores a touchdown, they have to talk on the mic about how great the other team is xD
    ill keep these idea's coming.
  5. ^^ it will be on youtube, they will be "episodes." each episode is just a video but it will be fun, thats a good idea keep them coming
  6. if ur really going through with this, u can pm and we can come up with great ideas.
  7. Why not just actually get that high? Then you wouldn't have to act and it would be legit funny. :smoke:

    How bout cooking a seafood piaya, or a pulled pork bbq, or shepard's pie. If you're gonna do mac and cheese it better be from scratch with a nice crispy topping. :smoke:
  8. For real I'll totally help you too :smoke:
  9. Trying to make a difficult meal while really high, sounds like it'll be a funny experience. It can be a parody of 2 people, 1 who does things REALLY good when he's high and another who's just plain dumb when he's high. It'll be a good idea for a parody, youtube viewers would love it.
  10. It's too bad you live in Minnesota so neither me nor delluhsion can be in them with you. Oh well, if you give us credit I'm down with that.
  11. Well I think the majority of the videos would be the character just sitting there talking about shit at the beginning since I only have my webcam atm, and my camcorder is busted till I get it replaced. These are all great ideas though.
  12. I just got a good idea, at one point you could make the character order some food..... and then order it again because he forgot..... and the next part could go two ways.

    Either, he forgets to go pick it up all together, or he goes to pick up his "one" order, realizes he made two orders, and then eats both orders haha
  13. ^ lol thats a good one, i'll definitely do some episodes where he gets off the couch, but i think for the first episodes he'll be on coutch-lock, sitting back into the coutch just taking bong rips and talking about stupid shit
  14. Instead of a dready-Phish hippy talking about weed, I'd rather the 'unexpected'. Like, a short clip of some soccer-mom dropping her kids off at choir or the mall or something, getting onto them for the texting bill or whatever, before driving off to whatever locale, getting out of the vehicle, walking to the chair in front of the camera, and lighting up and talking about her day. Or something of the sort. Not so much a 'parody' but---

    It's just when I see over-stereotyped stoner things, I just don't get it, or the quality feels pretty cheap.
  15. A good film to parody would be march of the penguins.

    Imagine getting really high (with your buddies or alone), watching march of the penguins and recording everything you say asif it was the narrator.


    watch that trailer, and think about it seriously :p even just the trailer getting dubbed over would be funny, its a march for munchies and everyones stoned- the penguins go for a swim because they've got serious dry mouth and everyone just stoats about being stoned.
  16. Sounds like epic meal time except less epic
  17. Epic Meal Time was awesome, then they sold out and now its stupid.

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