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  1. Ok was driving to get some munchies when I saw this van with a bunch of rugs out front didn't think much of it. When I was heading back home saw a sign on the back that says "Rugs NOT Drugs" just thought it was funny. Will post pics if he is still there.

    So share any funny/weird signs you've came across on your adventures
  2. A few years ago, there was this church I passed on occasion when I was going somewhere, don't remember. Anyway, for about a month on the billboard out from it said:

    "Congratulations, Mike Hunt".
  3. while i was looking at this thread, in the background my tv was on the science channel and on mute. right after i read this last post, i looked up and on the screen it said this:

    Myke Hawke
    Survival Expert
  4. damn i went back but he had already packed his shit and left :( but i've seen him around town before so if i see it again i'll take a pic
  5. cruizing around the other day there was a sign for a restraunt that read "You will love my balls" and had a picture of two meat balls.
  6. In Louisiana there's a meat company named Wagners. On the side of their trucks is their motto "You can't beat our meat", I cracked up every time I saw one:D:smoking:
  7. There's a rock drilling company called hardcore penetration
  8. on the highway up to our camping spot there is a sign that says "?" with an arrow pointing towards the hills lol.

  9. Haha good stuff.... I saw a sign this morning on the way to work took a pic ,will post when I get home later today, says caution polar bear crossing or something.... Down here in tx lol
  10. i cant remember it exactly, but it was along the lines for gloryhole supermarket, or gloryhole center...i cracked up
  11. In my home town we had a drug store with a huge sign out front that said "STRANGE DRUGS". A guy named Mr. Strange owned it.

    There's a big sign painted on a building right on a highway near me. It's a septic service company. The sign says "We're #1 in #2".

    Here's a few other good ones I found:

    Look At This...: Strange and Funny Signs
  12. And of course there's the town of Mianus Ct. made famous by the Jackass show

  13. I live down in the country, woods on the side of the road where my house is, fields on the other side.

    whenever I take my dog on a walk I pass a "Neighborhood Crimewatch" sign in front of the fields. Its funny because there's just nothing behind it but fields and cows
    not like theres a lot of people living on the road either
  14. Great thread. I will have to keep my camera on me more often so I can take some pictures of some of the hilarious things I see so that y'all will believe me.

    A few months ago, a church near my boyfriend's house that is notorious for having weird things on their marquee type thing had one that said "Jesus belongs inside of you"

    On the way to hike Mt Monadnock we always pass 'Doody Dr.'

    I've driven by 'Poor Rd'

    and in New Orleans, I always wnated to steal the street sign to Peniston St.

    That's all I can think of for now, but I'll definitely be on the lookout.
  15. "bean and cheese taco .89 sepeciale"
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    watch out for polar bear attacks in south tx.............they have been known to kill:smoking:
  17. [​IMG]

    a town in austria

  18. Lol, these are both epic!
  19. Not a sign but...I had to conduct an interview with an urban forester for a project: I looked up a list of them by state and there's a guy from Wisconsin called "Dick Rideout," feel free to Google

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