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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by oldmantestes, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. okay so my friend, Marco, knows this chikc named christine, and he knew that she smoked, so him my brother and some other kid go to her house and start looking for some, apparently the door to chrisitnes mom's room was locked so they had to brake it down, and they look threw her closet and find a trash bag full of weed.
  2. thats pretty sick....i dont get why u went to her house though, she have a reputation for having alot of weight at a time?
  3. i actually fucked up the story, christine didnt smoke, but her mom did, and marco knew this, so they went and jacked her shit.
  4. real nice kids

    edit: well I guess I can't be too hypocritical, one time my friend broke my skateboard by accident after I reluctantly let him use it. He paid me back by breaking down his dads door and hooking me up with a quarter. Somehow this seems more justified than your story though.
  5. haha, well not to cool to steal all thaat herb, but...alll that herbb!!!! a garbage bag full??? thats fuckin ill, like government confiscating a shit load of weed and putting into a huge plastic bag type of cool. Not that that is good when the gov does that, but all the weed is quite sick
  6. how would you steal if someone broke down your door and stole your weed. Not cool.

  7. probably start at 7/11, work my way up to a bank.
  8. lol funny twist on a typo

  9. Good one, adam! :D

    Karma's gonna bite someone in the ass on this one.
  10. I dunno man... Thats messed up. I think that went a little far. I know that when you're shady, you pinch your friend's bag or whatever...but thats like black hole shady
  11. Man, that is so uncool. If someone stole my weed, I'd be pissed.
  12. thats fucking gay dude

  13. lmao....nice

    on the story...NOT cool at all
  14. im a stoner who never steals, i made sure im the roller or bowl packer of my group as sometimes outsiders join and they take more than what goes in the bowl.

    i do know a certain person who takes un-notiable bits off ppl, that dont really bother me, if they did it to me i'd brake the feeking bowl tho. lol

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