funny shaped seedling leaves?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by aigcray, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. i thought id give a heap of old seeds we got given a crack, this is what has came up, either its got autism or its not cannabis, any ideas?

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  2. looks like a mater
  3. im not sure what that is haha second time grower
  4. My bad......:GettingStoned:.....what I was trying to say with "mater" was that it reminded me of a tomato plant starting out.....:lmafoe:


    BTW, I dunno if that's what it is but I'm PREEEEETY SURE it's not weed
  5. hahahaha love it, might just grow it out anyways and see what i get
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  6. I'm pretty sure its not a tomato seedling, maybe autistic weed like stated above haha.

    I was under the impression tomato seedlings are more slivery, not quite as a pepper tho

    Honestly looks like both, and a very light colored brussel sprout, which i dont think it is.
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  7. weed tomatoes perhaps? haha
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  8. It's tomacco!
  9. update: “true” leaves are coming, looking just as autistic

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  10. Is all that soil wet?
  11. dampish atm, watered it a few hours ago
  12. U got some of that BOBBY BROWN weed lol
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  13. Never seen a weed plant start out like that before
  14. With them being that small u only want to water around the base of the plant and maybe a couple inches out from it. Better to water more often then to mug at one time

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